Brendan Iribe gave a talk on Oculus VR at my school today…

Lots of interesting info. This absolutely wasn’t everything, and some of this stuff is just minor points. It was what I found interesting though.

Described his path to Oculus. Worked on SonicFusion, then ScaleForm, then Gaikai and then Oculus. Is glad Sony bought Gaikai as it was that that pushed them to look for something else and they found Luckey. No mentions of Sony VR at all as expected.

Kickstarted cost several hundred thousand dollars to produce. Probably on the low part of that spectrum.

The Facebook acquisition was largely driven directly by Zuckerberg from his investing in start ups mindset. Is expected to remain largely independent. Facebook is probably going to be buying more companies that they think have potential but want to remain independent. With Instagram and WhatsApp they established a precedent that they could do that, and would honor that. And they will continue to do it with Oculus because they need to keep a reputation for doing so so that companies continue to sell to them. No legal basis for this however, but they are hopeful they will keep independence forever. “Fingers crossed.”

Sitting games are going to be the focus. Moving around can cause different amounts of nausea for different gamers. Iribe can’t handle movement at all. Others can handle some. Jumping around with jetpacks and rockets doesn’t work for anyone. He quotes Carmack “Hardcore gamers would sit with buckets in their lap”.

On one of the challenges of VR he quotes Carmack “When you’re in VR and it drops a frame its like someone punched you in the temple”. Which could happen easily in PC if a virus scan or an email was received in the backgorund.

Offers potential beyond games. Social but “not Facebook social” was made clear.

Someone from medical field asked about medical applications that he was using a dev kit for. Said that if they would be allowed to stay completely independent that they would certainly love to work with him or others with applications like that, but need to talk to Facebook legal team first.

Film is also something they are looking into, but not traditional film, which they don’t think will work, but thinks that real time CG movies maybe with a slight amount of interactivity could become a major thing with VR.

“Only use it for PG things. Just like the internet.”

Sees Google Glass not as a competitor, or as even real AR but as more of notification system that isn’t meant to interfere with reality. This was in response to a question, so don’t reach too much into it. I just thought it was a good point.

Thinks that 4k in VR could become the standard for VR before TV because it isn’t as much of a cost difference as compared to resolution differences in TVs. And eventual goal is to reach 12k or even 16k, which is supposed to be true vision and you can’t tell the difference between that and reality. But at the moment the 1k is the focus and they aren’t really thinking much about it yet.

They showed a demo for Couch Knight, an Unreal based game, which crashed immediately, though it’s beta/alpha/techdemo so it’s probably to be expected. It’s a two player game with two people situated on couchs with controllers in their hands in the game world, with head movements resulting in movements by the avatars in the game world. The game world is essentially a common room with a TV that’s displaying a score, a table, a book shelf, etc. The cute chibi knights spawn on the table, and the players can control them to fight each other with swords and fireballs. But they can jump off the table, onto the people, onto the bookshelf, etc. so you have to look around to keep up with their fight. It was really cool. Cooler than it looked in videos.

Have sent out 75k+ kits.

Also they were planning on lending 24 kits to my school for a hackathon, but a guy essentially asked if we could keep them, and he thought for a second and then said yes, to tremendous applause.


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