Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

I liked this spin off season a lot more than the first season for several reasons. I liked the OP/ED better. The story didn’t try to take itself seriously at all and focused entirely on humor and a bit of romance. The main focus as opposed to defeating terrorists or saving the world was Sagara essentially being an overpowered fish out of water, capable of incredible feats but not really having any idea what he was doing in modern civilization. But with Chidori’s help he managed… mostly. Honestly, that’s Sagara at his best, as opposed to the brooding Sagara in the first season. The comedy is interesting and ages well, as opposed to the action scenes that dominated the first season which looked pretty weak compared to more modern anime. Almost every character I feel was better portrayed than in the first season, except maybe Tessa. The show definitely needed more Tessa. Still the new characters were cool in their own way. And Bonta-kun was amazing.

On that note I suppose I’m excited for the next season and all its seriousness. But I would love another season somewhat like this however. Though I doubt that’s what the rumored new FMP project is, I’m still hoping we’ll get one eventually, even if its totally filler.



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