Big Hero 6

This was a cool movie. The plot was fairly simple. Its about a super genius kid, his personal health care assistance robot, and their friends becoming heroes. The main themes were pretty simple. Don’t get caught up in revenge. Helping people is important. Try to do something important with your life. Standard stuff. But that’s totally expected, its a family movie. What else would you expect? As a hero movie though, its ultimately a Marvel movie with a bit of the Disney magic thrown in, and it works great just as expected. Not at all like the comics, but it isn’t even close to the MCU, so that’s definitely the best way to go about it.

The world it exists in is one of the coolest parts of the movie. It takes place in San Fransokyo, which is an obvious cross between San Francisco and Tokyo . This ultimately manifests itself as an epic city full of Shibuya skyscrapers and classic Japanese architecture, as well as the standard San Fran grunge. Its in incredibly interesting combination and leads to some very interesting things, such as the golden gate bridge having toriis as gates. Honestly, it still felt like mostly America with a whole bunch of cool stuff from Japan thrown in, but it was done incredibly well from my limited perspective, and I enjoyed seeing it.

There was one thing I didn’t really like, and that would be the side characters. Baymax and Hero were awesome. The side characters not so much. Mostly, they were just there. They sort of did stuff. But not really. They needed more development. Character design wise it’s a mixed bag for me. Overall they were decent. Some are definite improvements over the comics such as Wasabi or Go Go. But I really liked some of the old ones such as Honey Lemon better though. I completely understand why they needed to make the changes, as I can see why the old ones wouldn’t fit in such as movie, but I still like the old ones better.

Overall it was a really fun movie. I look forward to seeing what else Disney has in the future, especially with Marvel, but overall with everything. Disney Pictures Animation especially seems to be getting a lot better and has already surpassed Pixar in my opinion.

Lastly: We could be immmortals. Imooooooooooooortals…



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