Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

This was surprisingly better than expected. There isn’t really any depth to the plot or themes but it was still entertaining. The plot involved Larry going on an adventure to the British museum in order to save the tablet and his friends. Along the way we see a colorful cast of old and new characters including Lancelot and Akhmenrah. There were themes about being a parent and what it means to be real that were done reasonable well, but really weren’t the focus of the movie. Overall, the focus was very much on the humor and it worked very well. The overall feeling I got was that the film makers really didn’t care and were having fun with it, so that’s what I pretty much felt as well. This was greatly enhanced by a large set of of unique characters that were all very different but acted together in interesting and very unpredictable ways. There was so much that was so random but overall just helped it be really amusing. It also had a pretty killer soundtrack for some reason. I’d definitely recommend watching it and the entire trilogy.



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