Gone Girl

That was the most disturbing thing I’ve seen in quite a while. I at some point pretty much hated almost everyone. At first I was sympathetic to Nick in that having his wife disappear and having to deal with being put into the spotlight attention wise with everyone blaming him and nit picking apart his entire life, even though it seemed that he had nothing to do with it. Then we realize he’s actually a complete jerk and was cheating on his wife, at which point I significantly lost sympathy. I still felt that he didn’t do it, though there was significant doubt at points, but that he at least deserved the media circus, though not actually being blamed for the crime and given the death penalty. Then we realize that his wife Amy is a complete psychopath to such a degree and had been manipulating everyone, characters in the film and audience alike, into believing that everything was Nick’s fault, fully intending to die ruining his life. And then at a drop of a hat she turns on and murders someone who had been helping her, changes the entire scenario to framing him for everything, and tries to get back into a relationship with her husband, which she forces into happening.

His wife is a real piece of work to the point it becomes impossible to judge Nick badly in comparison. She’s obsessed, which can even be an interesting character sometimes, but in a lot of bad ways. She’s very much a yandere. It starts off as a beautiful love story that slowly falls apart, causing the monster that she had kept hidden to slowly come out, a completely manipulative and obsessed and psychopath. She is very much obsessed with her husband. That’s her sole driving force. She has nothing else, and she doesn’t want him to have anything else. She’s willing to throw everything else away as if it was background noise, including his feelings. In those regards she’s a pretty good yandere. I usually like yanderes, but I can’t say I really liked Amy. The positive relationship between Nick and Amy wasn’t established that strongly, and that greatly damped my appreciation of their whole relationship. I felt that most strongly when at the end, we realize that despite everything, to some degree Nick wanted to stay with Amy as well. I thought based on their relationship that I should be able to sympathize with that. I think if I did the ending of the movie would blow me away and leave me speechless. But I couldn’t, and the ending left me hollow. Amy just felt like the villain dragging Nick along rather than this just being an extreme way of their extreme relationship manifesting itself, and thus I just couldn’t be understanding of their relationship. Next, I often like manipulative characters, but everything related to Amy’s manipulation ultimately came down to playing the victim, which is incredibly frustrating. Its a good play in the playbook but it pretty much represented her entire range of abilities which was pretty pathetic. Lastly, yanderes are usually brighter for lack of a better word despite everything they do. Amy was incredibly cynical, and just seemed to be emanating bitterness. Ultimately, as I said I didn’t like her. By that I clearly don’t mean as a person, but as a character. Obviously, we aren’t supposed to like her as a person. But even as a character she came close but didn’t resonate with me. I still found her interesting as a character I suppose, but ultimately I’d have to say I actually disliked her.

Nick even grew on me a bit due to this when I probably should hate him too. The only characters I liked in this film were the four sitting at the table at the end contemplating the future, Nick, his sister Margo, his lawyer, and the main detective Rhonda. Margo especially for some reason I found amazing. She stood out most strongly as a good person caught in a crowd of messed up people just being taken along for the ride, and doing her best to survive and support the ones she cared about through it, even when it became obvious they were all completely and utterly messed up. She was the character I had hoped most strongly would make it out of this unscathed, but I was left unsatisfied in that regard, as ultimately she’s stuck supporting a brother with a wife she not only hates but is completely terrified of. Out of everyone, I wish her the best. The lawyer was an interesting character in the way he spoke and carried out his job, which I respect him for. And the same respect to Rhonda, who seemed to be a very good detective following very well with procedures and with great perception abilities, but ultimately still failing to do anything about Amy’s machinations.

This movie was done very well with twists and turns popping out of nowhere and being paced very well, taking viewers along slowly until it starts to matter at which point it’ll speed through leaving no time to their breath. It was completely unpredictable and often very mysterious, which kept me guessing as to what was happening, and in the end almost always managed to surprise me. But ultimately came to a conclusion that just leaves me hollow. It was an amazing movie, I don’t regret watching it, and I would even say I enjoyed it quite a bit, but their is a bit of a bitter after taste. Amy is complete insane, and I suppose Nick is as well, and thus they are a match for each other, and thus they deserve each other. Its very much a happy ending with a twist that I enjoy so much. It’s just horrible to think that they will be negatively effecting the lives and mental states of others around them, such as Margo, and especially their coming child.



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