John Wick

An incredibly well made movie. It’s about John Wick, ex-hitman that gets pulled back into the underworld after a mafia boss’s son steals his car and kills his dog, having no idea who he was. He the viewer come to realize that John Wick isn’t just a hitman, but quite possibly the greatest hitman of all time. He goes after him to attain revenge, and achieves it, taking down an entire crime syndicate in the process, almost single handedly. Then he gets a new dog.

While the plot was decent enough for this type of movie, what makes this movie exceptional is how high quality everything is. First off, every action scene is unique and incredibly well done. John Wick seems incredibly powerful, and not through blind luck as is the case in many action movies, but he actually seems to be displaying tremendous skill and focus. He pulled off move after move that seemed absolutely perfect, but the choreography still seemed very realistic. Each kill felt like it had impact but most also had a touch of elegance in how swiftly and exactly he pulled them off. Another aspect that was really appealing was how they portrayed the underworld, with its own systems and rules. There were safe houses and rules for them. Clean up crews for the messes. Police that knew there were things that they shouldn’t touch. Unique lingo that alluded to things but was very clearly understood. It felt like a very well developed world rather than just something thrown together, and greatly added to the atmosphere. Furthermore, while the plot isn’t especially original, it was conveyed very well. The build up to to the introduction that Wick was a hitman. All the various shady characters that added a bit of spice. The incredibly well done pacing. This movie isn’t especially original, but it is pulled off amazingly well, and is thus an amazing movie.



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