Why did I like this movie? I’m not quite sure myself. It details Mason’s life from being a small boy through various families and situations until he arrives at college. It wasn’t a movie that pulled me in and had me excited or at the edge of my seat in anticipation of what would happen next, and while it was quite humorous at points that wasn’t quite what made the movie. There isn’t any specific plot to it other than the story of a boy growing up and encountering the challenges that are generally encountered while growing up. There are so many themes and motifs that I don’t think I can particularly pick one out to detail. What it comes down to I suppose is that over the almost three hour movie, I got to see a single character grow tremendously. There’s major character development, but not in the simple sense as in most movies where they grow in some specific direction and that’s the point of their character and story, but something a lot more neutral and natural. Mason and the other characters grow in a million different ways, sometimes grow back, and overall really change as people, but without any harsh transitions. It feels like a natural flow. That’s the best way to describe what’s amazing about this movie. It flows seamlessly from boyhood to college without missing a beat. The actual situations were nothing like what I experienced growing up. I mean,not being in Texas or in a divorced family or into photography, etc. I’m probably not going to feel a major connect with a lot of the events. But just how they flowed together and he changed along side them is something that I have never seen in any other movie and thus I was able to connect with the overall process rather than the actual results or steps. Lastly, the movie gets atmosphere incredibly well. The music. The pacing. The almost pointless but not quite scenes. Everything just gets pulled off really well and in a completely believable but immersive way, which is even more impressive considering how long and wide scoped the film is. That’s an attempt at explaining it, though I suppose I still haven’t gotten it quite right. Somehow or other a very enjoyable movie.



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