Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid

I liked this a good amount better than the first season, though I still like Fumoffu overall, but that’s essentially because its a very different show. Overall this was a definite improvement over the first however. This season is shorter and features a more connected plot line from beginning to end. The plot is paced well for the most part, though the ending felt a bit weak. It went too slow while focusing on Sousuke’s drama, and then moved to fast when it came to the actual action. Sousuke’s drama felt a bit weak as it was based on essentially his choice of following orders or choosing to live freely, and ultimately wallowing in despair over it. I felt it dragged on a bit too long as he seemed to stay exactly the same through out most of the entire arc, completely numb and inactive. If he had gotten more angry or decided to lash out or something to that extent it would have been more interesting, but they decided not to go in that direction. And the Chidori look alike part seemed pointless and random. Moving on to the action, I’m fine with the shounen power up aspect, but I felt it was over far too quickly, which is a shame since the action scenes, especially the last one, were also really good. The actual story line was well written too and explains the world a lot better than the first season did which was much appreciated, and I’m far more interested in where the plot line is going now then I was at the end of the first season. I’m not a fan of the Sousuke melodrama subplot they had going through the entire season though, so while I’m somewhat annoyed that they spent so long on it, it felt like they wrapped it up, which is satisfying enough. The art, especially the mech designs, are vastly improved and much nicer to look at. Also I loved the OVA. Woot Tessa! But even more so there was a lot of good character development and it was hilarious. I would love to see more like it in the next season, which I hope the rumors are true about and is coming soon. If not I suppose I’ll have to go read the novels.



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