Inu x Boku SS

This anime had an interesting plot that comes to a moderately satisfying end, but takes a very scattered journey to get there. The reason that it is interesting is the character dynamics. The most interesting obviously being the one between the leads Miketsukami and Ririchiyo, as it was quite bizarre not disimilar to the ways relationships involving Yandere’s are, though I wouldn’t necessarily say Miketsukami was a Yandere though. The Karuta and Watanuki relationship was a lot more adorable and fun to watch. The rest of the characters and relationships felt more like back ground noise but thats fine I suppose as it left the focus on the better characters, though most of the characters had pretty good character designs. The plot twist with the letters was predictable but cool nevertheless so I really liked that part of the plot. The main issues however was that it moved really really slow. The plot took ages to get anywhere. This is perfectly fine for anime that don’t seem plot driven but this did, and while it was reasonably funny, it should have been faster or funnier because as it was it dragged on too long. Another issue is that the Youkai aspect didn’t really seem to matter at all for most of the anime. It came and went randomly, which made every time they came up bizarre. If used more consistently, it could have been a more key aspect, and could have been used to pace the show better. The ending felt half assed. The relationship developing that quickly over a mistake seems sort of hollow, even if the actual ending is pretty solid. Hence, a mildly satisfying end, and overall a semidecent anime.



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