Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

I watched this a long time ago, but I decided to rewatch it again because Oreimo reminded me of it, but I didn’t really remember any of it. I wasn’t even sure how much of it I had seen, so I decided to rewatch the entire thing. I was right on in remembering it as a less hardcore version of Oreimo in a way. Other than the obviously majorly differences in terms of character relationships, they both share a lot of themes and ultimately plot devices surrounding a girl being into Otaku culture and a guy finding out and things developing from there. The difference is that Oreimo goes in a completely different and unique direction with this setting and while comedic it also takes itself more seriously at points. Nogizaka on the other hand just tries to fit the setting into the standard anime tropes and plot devices, and while there are serious points, they aren’t nearly as deep as Oreimo was going for. However, taking it in this direction doesn’t mean that it’s a worse anime. Rather, they knew what they were doing and just stuck to the book and did it well, and to put it frankly it came out completely adorable. I off the top of my head can’t think of a better dere dere relationship. I would think that it would be more cringe worthy but somehow it’s just adorable. And of course while the plot is weaker in terms of depth, its carried by the show being funnier and more rediculous. Because it has a more rediculous world they can get away with more rediculous characters, and thus it has less realistic but more fun character designs. So far the pacing has been great despite plot progression being slow, and thus I’m looking forward to watching season two.



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