Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu: Purezza

Purezza is ultimately more of the same in that it pretty much just continues down the path that the first season started, but as the first season was great that’s perfectly fine. The plot continues right off of the first season and continues in the same manner of short one or two episode stories that slowly advance the relationship between Yuuta and Haruka. In doing so it introduces new characters and goes through a series of new events but keeps the same themes and focuses. The humor also follows along the same lines as the previous season in terms of topics and their is some repeated material, but it is new and well done enough that it doesn’t feel stale. This is helped by the fact that they manage to nail the pacing of the show perfectly. I feel I say that too much and thus to some extent me saying that has lost meaning so I feel that I should emphasize that these guys really did exceptionally well. For real. The previous season was progressing well in terms of the relationship between Yuuto and Haruka, and as this continued that with the same pacing, their relationship seem to have developed a great deal, and is clearly in a much better place at the end of the season as compared to the beginning though I’m still not entirely sure what happened in that cabin. The wedding reference on the other hand while sweet was also clear foreshadowing of where their relationship was going to end up. The art is pretty much the same which was great before and was great now. Most of the new characters have great character designs and bring fresh diversity to the cast, but are overall really minor. I feel they could be developed well far more than shown in this one cour season, but as they clearly didn’t have time to do so, their prioritization was fine, though that does make me hope that the novels are better in this regard and that they get translated into English eventually. I like the opening and ending for this season better than the previous ones. Especially the opening which I think had good audio and visuals that came together very well to make a great opening. Overall, it just feels like a continuation of the first season without any major differentiating qualities, and thus in retrospect I’d have to say my enjoyment is the comprehensive enjoyment of the series so far, and that its pretty great.



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