LittleBigPlanet 2

LittleBigPlanet 2 is primarily a 2-D platformer focused on creativity.

It’s story mode features Sackboy (or any other assortment of Sack People) helping gather an alliance of Creators to defeat a villain known as the Negativitron and save Craft World. Along the way they go to a variety of very visually creative locations, each with a number of levels and an always interesting boss. Each location introduces its own very unique mechanics, which also serves as a showcase for all the new mechanics the create mode is capable of through stages featuring side scrolling shooters, vehicles, lots of new upgrades, and different art styles. Thus each level feels really fresh game play wise and the campaign felt very well polished.

In addition to story mode, the bread and butter of the game is its create mode, that allows you to create and share levels. To be honest I wasn’t much of a creator in the game, so the little creation I did did not go very well. However, I had a good amount of fun playing the other community levels, which were incredibly unique and varied. I mean, what other game includes a clone of Call of Duty’s Zombies and a boss fight based on Attack on Titan. I’m pretty bad at creating, but despite that, or maybe because of that, what other people managed to accomplish was astounding. This is a game that heavily relies on it’s community. Hence it should be no surprise that, the game is incredibly fun to play online, either through co-op or split screen. The main story can be played with 1-4 people, and the vast majority of community levels seemed to be designed for multiple people. This heavily incentives customization of one’s Sackboy and Pad, both of which also have tremendous options to choose from, and is thus also fun to play with.

The biggest issue with the game is that it’s platforming felt a bit off. It didn’t feel as solid as in other platformers and thus it was difficult to control which was a major issue. However, somehow despite this primarily being a 2-D platformer, this wasn’t a deal breaker. The game was really fun despite this. I don’t particularly like the physics compared to other platformers, but I understand why they were necessary due to the nature of the game, and they’re certainly unique.

Overall the game is another solid platformer with the franchise and MediaMolecule defining Play/Share/Create features expanded and still going strong.



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