Okami is one of the Capcom classics by Kamiya. The focus is on Japanese folklore, featuring three arcs. One based on defeating the eight headed dragon Orochi, one based on defeating the nine tailed Fox Kitsune, and one in defeating the representation of darkness and evil, Yami. While the story did stick to traditional folklore pretty strongly, it also took it in a unique direction with elements of sci-fi such as rocket ships, dimensions, and time travel to augment it. That added a unique tinge to the world, although a game based on Japanese folklore is honestly unique enough. The plot wasn’t especially strong and relied mostly on just sticking to the folktales, but due to the strong world, bad ass moments, and reasonably funny writing, I consider the game pretty good from the story point of view.

In terms of game play it was mostly solid. There was a large world with a lot to do in terms of a variety of game play mechanics. The brush mechanic was an interesting idea and though quite frustrating a lot of the time, was amazing purely because of its novelty. One of the highlights of the game were of course the fantastic boss battles, that were all very different from each other and normal combat. However, one of the main issues would be that in general the combat was pretty weak and got old very quickly, which was a major issue because a good portion of the game is just combat against normal enemies. The combat being weak was in part due to the game being ridiculously easy. I didn’t die a single time on my play through from beginning to end, and barely used any of the items until the final boss and on the  devil gates side quest. As it lacked challenge, this combat thus felt more like a chore than anything, and thus something I tried my best to avoid.

As for the other aspects, the graphics were also very well done. Not technically impressive at all by today’s standards, even the PS3 version, but an incredibly amazing art style more than made up for it. The music too was great and really fit the game.

Overall, solid setting and story with mostly great, though somewhat repetitive gameplay, enhanced by great art and music.




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