Yosuga no Sora: In Solitude, Where We Are Least Alone

This is the story of Haru and Sora, two siblings who returns to their old home in the country after their parents die due to unexplained circumstances. Haruka is the responsible one, while Sora is frail and somewhat spoiled. Both of them are alone, with their family only composing of each other. Upon arrival they interact with several people new and old friends from the past. Akira, a shrine maiden, Kazuha, a rich and somewhat uptight girl, and Nao, the childhood friend with the strongest relationship with the siblings, especially Haru.

Adapting a visual novel is always somewhat strange. Choices generally have to be made on what route to adapt. But sometimes instead the story is presented in omnibus format, where they go through each route as a completely separate story. This is done here showing off the different routes of Akira, Kazuha, Nao, and then Sora. The last one is by far the most important, but suppose I should describe the others first. Akira’s and Kazuha’s routes involve them having a strange relationship with each other due to being daughters of the same father from different mothers. The plot goes in different directions depending on the route, but the subject matter is essentially the same with Haru helping them solve their problems and them falling in love with him. I’d give both of them a 7/10. Decent, but not exceptionally so. Nao’s route was… awkward. Before Haru left to live in the city, Nao ended up doing something very… awkward to him, and hence their relationship was awkward when he comes back as well. This gets even more awkward when its revealed that Sora saw the awkward scene between Haru and Nao, and now hates Nao. In the previous arcs, Sora essentially immediately acknowledges Haru’s relationships, but in this one she fights it, until eventually Nao manages to persuade her and she gives in. It was all incredibly awkward more than anything, so ultimately I’d give it a 6/10. What was strange about all of these arcs, is that ultimately, they’re completely different from the last one. Most of the characters are essentially the same, but Haru and Sora are completely different, and as they are the main characters of the story, this ends up mattering quite a bit.

This leads to the last route, Sora’s route, being completely different from the previous ones, and the most interesting one by far. It’s obvious what the main issue with this route is, though surprising it never felt as awkward as Nao’s route did. The issue is presented what is at least somewhat realistically. Its heart wrenching, gut wrenching, fucked up, and somehow really sweet too. Being a combination of all of these is what makes it great. It reminds me in a sense of School Days because of that. The normal routes are OK. The screwed up route is the amazing one. Though the similarity is mostly superficial as Yosuga no Sora ends on a much happier note, which I’m very glad about. They were somehow ridiculously adorable together. I very much was rooting for them and hoping that they would find happiness. It was magnificent. 10/10

As for the other aspects, the character designs were solid, and they seemed to have wanted to make it clear and always obvious that  Sora and Haru are blood related siblings, which was important. The soundtrack was beautiful, and Old Memory especially is going to stick with me for quite a while. The OP, ED1, and ED2 were all solid and distinct. The ecchi was a bit much, but it was necessary, and Sora’s route wouldn’t have worked nearly as well without it. The art and production values were also quite solid.

The title also struck a cord with me. Solitude is often the place where one is least lonely. That’s something I’ve felt but never really had the words to describe. How it fits in with each of the routes is a bit more complicated though and I think I get it mostly, especially for Sora, though probably not entirely. Its beyond what I can put in words unfortunately however. Maybe in the future.

There was also a joke route with Kazuha’s maid, Motoko, in the specials. It was funny at first but got pretty lame. I’m not really even considering it to be honest.

Overall the whole anime was pretty good due to Sora’s part, though the rest was decent as well.


I am so going to read through the VN at some point. Probably only Sora’s route though. And I’ll probably end up rewatching this at some point. Probably only Sora’s route though.


5 thoughts on “Yosuga no Sora: In Solitude, Where We Are Least Alone

  1. I think you for this post. I’ve been recommended this show a lot on Amazon and I think I just may take the risk on a blind-purchase after reading this. This was very helpful for me, thanks~~

    1. You’re welcome. I hope you have a good idea what you’re getting into now. It’s certainly not a show for everyone. 😛

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