Takanashi Rikka Kai: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Movie

Chuunibyou is what loosely is translated as ‘second year of middle school syndrome’, and what actually means delusions of grandeur in a spectacular sense. Its what happens when someone has both has an imagination that can put out amazing things, a personality that seems to ignore society and delude those things as reality to some degree, the intelligence to actually manage to pull that off in a spectacular and perpetual manner. All in all, its actually pretty cool.


Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai is primarily the story of Yuuta, a guy who had Chuunibyou, but threw it away at the end of middle school, and Rikka, who tries her best to hold on to it, and does her best to get Yuuta to go back to his old ways of being the Dark Flame Master as well. This leads to a number of interesting events that ends up involving a number of other characters. Sanae acts as Rikka’s ‘apprentice’ in a way. Nibutani is a girl who also had Chuunibyou, but also wanted to do her best to forget and have the world forget, though Sanae holds onto those memories in the form of a printed out blog very strongly. There’s Kumin, a girl who pretty much just sleeps, but is necessary to have enough members for them to form their Magic Research and Napping club at school. And there’s also Tooka, Rikka’s sister, who she is living with for a time. Each of these characters have their own personalities and conflicts, however Yutta and Rikka are the focus. Yuuta and Rikka learn a lot more about each other, and discover how Rikka’s Chuunibyou has to do with her regret at not being able to say good bye to her deceased father. This and a number of other events lead to Rikka and Yuuta falling in love, which eventually leads to Rikka abandoning her Chuuinbyou for a time, but this also results in her changing her personality to one that is more reasonable. Hence, when her sister goes to study abroad, this results in Rikka meekly following along with what her family wishes and what is reasonable, and moving in with her grandparents far away. It is at this point that Yuuta’s Chuunibyou comes back in full force, and he bikes all the way to where Rikka is, and brings her home. He takes her to the Unseen Horizon, where she finally says good bye to her dad and finds closure.

That’s what happens in the first season at least. This movie is a recap of the first season focusing on Rikka’s perspective over Yuuta’s like the first season. It begins with one of the famous imaginary exaggerated battle scenes that are completely pointless all things considered, but are awesome nevertheless. This leads into her telling the story of how Yuuta and Rikka got together, and hence the recap. This culminates in Yuuta arriving, with the good news that he had managed to persuade Rikka’s grandfather to let her live alone and continue going to her current school rather than move in with them. Things get more complicated however, as her grandfather forgot to renew the lease, and any attempts to get him to renew it might end up changing his mind. Luckily, Yuuta’s family from the first season, meaning his mom and sisters, move abroad to where his father is, leaving him alone in his house, and thus predictably and naturally, they end up living together. And in a post credits scene, someone who knows Yuuta from childhood, and also still seems to have Chuunbiyou arrives at their town via the train.


For only like ten minutes of new footage, there was a lot of plot there. The recap was also excellent. I’ve recently gotten into the habit of re-watching previous seasons when new seasons of shows come out, but I didn’t feel I had to for this one, since this goes over the plot pretty well. By which I mean for a recap. It skips and glosses over a great deal so it might not even make sense if you haven’t seen the first season. But if you have, this is the perfect point to go straight into the second season from. I’ve read the novels for both seasons, but Koi-Ani did a tremendous job. The anime is very different but way better than the novels, so it’ll be pretty new. It keeps the same themes so I know it’s going to make me feel very sad. I like both of the important characters a very good amount.

Ultimately so far, the show is about believing in oneself and others in a way very different from the cliche way in most shounen anime, but rather as a means of connecting with others and truly going after happiness. The main relationship was also incredibly cute. Rikka is adorable. ZR everywhere. Which is awesome thanks to Koi-Ani’s awesome art. The music is also good and fits perfectly. Overall, a masterpiece.



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