Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren continues the story began in the first season of Yuuta and Rikka’s romantic relationship, as well as their interactions with the other members of the Magic Resarch and Napping Club,  Nibutani, Dekomori, and Kumin. The focus for most of these events is as expected was some aspect of or related to Chuunibyou, such as a sleeping competition with the fate of the club on the line and a fake Morri Summers claiming to be the real one . Hence the smaller plot events were relatively interesting and enjoyable, while showing a reasonable amount of development for the various characters involved.

The main plot of course however, is the development of Yuuta’s and Rikka’s relationship, which moves in a way that would be considered ridiculously slow, especially considering that they live together, but was really sweet nevertheless. The key point that differentiates this season from the previous season is Sophia Ring SP Saturn VII, AKA Shichimiya Satone. She was essentially the person Yuuta got Chuunibyou from, and someone that had a very strong relationship with Yuuta before she unexpectedly moved away, without giving Yuuta a word of goodbye. As with most Chuunibyous, she had her quirks and good byes was one of hers. Never saying words of parting to ensure that they meet again. Still, as Yuuta had no idea what happened to her, that ended their relationship for some time, until she randomly moved into the apartment above Yuuta’s.

It turns out that Shichimiya was in love with Yuuta at one point, but chose to ignore it and ‘defeat’ it instead, in order to keep their relationship as it was, as The Dark Flame Master and Magical Devil Girl. Because she did so, she swore that she would stay the Magical Devil Girl forever. However, after encountering Yuuta again, the love resurfaces, or rather she realizes it never disappeared. But she really likes Rikka too, so she doesn’t want to do anything that hurts or causes her to lose her friendship with Rikka. So she tries to just keep it inside and defeat it once more, waging battle against it, which she originally ends up losing.

Meanwhile, Rikka at first feels jealous of Shichimiya relationship with Yuuta, but eventually she resolves that and becomes close friends with Shichimiya, in part bonded by their common Chuunibyou. However, she does still feel anxious about how Shichimiya has a relationship going back further with Yuuta than she does. She tries to resolve this, of course through the lens of Chuunibyou. After reading through the Dark Flame Master diary, she discovers something called the Dark Flame Dragon, the next level of what was sealed in the Dark Flame Master, and that it can be unsealed by a contractor upon the usage of three items. Yuuta has one. And Rikka discovers that Shichimiya had the other, which just ended up making her more anxious. The other one was buried long ago, so Rikka goes off each night searching for it by digging randomly based on a very broad clue. She eventually finds it, buried in a cast from an injury Yuuta had gotten as The Dark Flame Master (from the lite of the movie, which was a nice touch). She of course unseals the Dark Flame Dragon. At this point Shichimiya, wages battle against the Dark Flame Dragon, and wins, hereby finally accepting and defeating what she had kept pent inside for so long, and for the first time ever says “Bye-bye” to Yuuta.

After that there is more relationship development between Yuuta and Rikka with them reiterating that its fine that they’re moving slow, and that they can take things at their own pace without being worried about their relationship losing steam as others have advised may happen if they move to slowly. They accept that their relationship is special and they can do what they want, what a normal relationship  and what their friends want to see them do be damned. After that, they end up getting into a fight over something stupid as all couples seem to do, and then of course make up, because their relationship is easily strong enough to withstand such petty issues.


The way relationships, emotions, etc. get shown through parallels and metaphors of Chuunibyou was very interesting. By that I don’t just mean the delusion battle scenes, which were a good amount better than the previous seasons. I also mean the way it worked in the actual relationships between the various characters. Just the amount of imagination going on there was just really fun and magical in itself, and this is what I think is the core of this series. I’ve read the novels, and ultimately the anime is nothing like the novels. It has the same general idea, but at a whole other level when it comes to things like this. So major kudos to Kyo-Ani for that.

As for the actual plot, it was done very well, but it wasn’t as good as the first season. It felt a bit off, as Shichimiya was the main actor for most of the main plot line in that she was the one that seemed to be the one the plot was focused on or being driven by, but the actual relationship development was for Yuuta and Rikka. Furthermore, I liked Shichimiya quite a good amount, and I don’t particularly like sad stories, so while I do acknowledge that the story of her getting over pain is a very good story and that it was done incredibly well, I just don’t like it as much as the plot of the first season.

Still, while not as amazing as the first season, it was still very good. It still has a good plot, fun characters, a unique and characteristic style, decent soundtrack, great OP/EDs in terms of visuals as well as music, and Kyo-Ani’s art and animation is top notch as expected. And the specials were funny in a lite way too.



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