Freezing is about a world where super natural entities called Nova’s invade Earth from another dimension, and the only things that can stop them are Pandoras, women powered up through the use of enhancing augmentations called Stigmata, fighting alongside Limiters, who have the ability to counteract the Nova’s Freezing Fields. The story focuses primarily on the Limiter Aoi Kazuya and Pandora Satellizer el Bridget, with the plot mostly advancing at first based on the relationship they have with each other and the other Pandoras at their academy. Aoi Kazuya is the little brother of the Pandora that gave up her life to save humanity during the last Nova Clash. Because of this, Aoi has come to have a strong sense of justice and strongly belief in Pandoras and what they stand for. Satellizer el Bridget is the bastard child of the head of the powerful Bridget family. Due to her mothers health issues, she had to stay with the main family, where she was treated horribly and abused by her half brother. When her mother died with last words telling her to be strong, she vowed that she would be, and became an incredibly powerful Pandora with an iron will that would not lose to anyone. Furthermore, due to her trauma, she generally refused to let anyone touch her at all, giving harsh verbal and even physical beat downs to those that did so , which led to her being known as the Untouchable Queen.

The plot of Freezing begins with Kazuya’s arrival at East Genetics, an academy for Pandoras and Limiters. Immediately after arriving he meets Satellizer and has the impression that she is his sister due to the aura she gives off (which is later revealed as being due to Satelizer’s use of Kazuya’s sisters Stigmata). From there, despite an initial strong reluctance on Satelizer’s part, they slowly grow closer, with Satellizer realizing that she doesn’t hate him or feel disgusted when he touches her. He eventually becomes her Limiter, though in name only, as it turns out that he is special in that he doesn’t need to perform a ritual known as the Baptism where a Pandora and Limiter are bound together in order to allow the Limiter to gain access to their abilities. As one of the starting events of this journey, Satellizer protects Aoi from a third year Pandora, completely crushing her in the process. As she’s a second year that injured a third year, she gains the wrath of the other third years intent on keeping order, which Satelizer then has to fight off over a long period of time. In the middle of this, a Tibetan girl known as Rana arrives at East Genetics, and after saving him from a group of Pandora’s hurting him to get back at Satelizer, she claims that Aoi is her destined one and vows to make him her limiter, which she then continuously attempts to do.

The first half of the series or so is numerous such conflicts between Pandoras, primarily Satelizer against one or more others. The second half involves East Genetics facing an invasion by 4 S-class Nova, a first ever in Nova history. Its a long and difficult battle, with the Nova even taking control of some Pandoras, but Aoi, Satellizer, and all the other Pandoras that had been introduced in the first portion come together and defeat them, protecting the Ravensbourne Nucleotide that is the source of Stigmata and thus essential to humanities survival. And with that, the life of Kazuya, Satelizer, and Rana continues.


The plot was reasonably good. Not exceptionally so, but it gets the job done. The setting itself was pretty good too, with the sci-fi international battle school and mysteries in the background. The battle scenes were ultimately the highlight of the show, which is fine because they were great in terms of animation, action, and variety. When it comes to characters, overall they did a decent but not exceptional job. Aoi, despite being the main character, was useless. Personality wise he was OK. He had a strong sense of justice and loyalty, with a strong enough will to abide by them. But overall he was pretty useless and had an impact mostly through influencing Satelizer and others rather than being a part of things himself.  On the other hand, Satelizer was awesome. Her cold personality, her unyielding will, how she acted in battle, her ridiculous strength, etc. Complete bad ass. And I can’t say I hated her timid side either. Hence, despite Aoi overall having little value, as a pair that play very well with each other the dynamic works for the most part, though it does still feel off at times. As for the other characters, Rana was interesting as well as played into the previously mentioned dynamic. Ganessa too was interesting due to her strong ego and rivalry with Satelizer. But most of the other characters were flat and forgettable, especially the other third years, even though they did have some solid backstory.

Another issue was that the fan service was pretty bad. I don’t hate the concept of fanservice as a whole. Just in this one it wasn’t very good. This is in part because of the art, which was good for the other aspects but not for this. Also, the soundtrack was much better than I expected. The OP/ED were pretty great as well in terms of audio, and OK in terms of visuals. The specials were WTF? I guess they were kind of funny… maybe?

Overall pretty good with solid action but pretty light.



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