Freezing: Vibration

Freezing: Vibration involves Satellizer and friends going to a research facility in Alaska, where they are to contribute to a research project to create E-Pandoras, who are special Pandoras that do not have the genetic compatibility generally required in order to become Pandoras. Success in the project would address the fact that so little of the population actually has the required compatibility, and would solve the problem of not having enough Pandoras to deal with the Nova crisis.

But this project turns out to be very dubious. It’s managed by a man named Marks Spencer, who has a very Machiavellian point of view, and is willing to sacrifice the lives of a countless number of test subjects if it benefits humanity as a whole. Elizabeth Mably discovers this, and leaks a report to her family about whats occurring, intending to use the power of her family to put a stop to this. However Chevalier, the multinational body responsible for protecting the world from Novas and the ones behind the project, essentially destroys her family through framing them for numerous scandals to stop the matter from going anywhere. Elizabeth herself, faces torture for the leaking of information.

Satellizer, ends up leaving due to an injury, and goes to see her powerful family in order to have them act to intervene in the project as well. But at the resort she goes to to talk to her sister to mediate between her and her father, she also ends up finding Lois, her half brother who seriously abused her as a child. Due to her trauma she immediately falls back into the same relationship dynamic that existed with him before, but when Lois tries to get rid of Aoi using the Pandora he’s matched to as a limiter, Holly, she finds the courage to break out of this trauma, and defeats Holly and the chains that bound her. Lois realizes what a monster he’d become, and vows to atone for his sins by talking to their father and doing right by Holly, and they forgive him.

Satellizer and Aoi arrive back at the E-Pandora research lab just as the E-Pandora’s in the lab begin to rebel, with their goal of making it outside and exposing the horrors occurring in the lab to the general public. They do this out of a fear of being pointlessly discarded and erased, as one of their friends who was a part of a failed experiment was. As such, they each take Mark IV, a drug that greatly enhances their Pandora abilities to be on par with original Pandoras, but with the side effect that anyone that takes it eventually goes into Nova form. Some Pandoras side with the E-Pandoras, and others side with Chevalier in putting down the rebellion. This leads to various conflicts, most notably the conflict between Charles, the daughter of the lead of the project, and Elizabeth, who operates under the principle of Noblesse Oblige, as well as the first real time we see Chiffon Fairchild fight, in a battle against both Satellizer and Rana.

Most of the E-Pandoras are defeated, but the lead Amelia ends up turning into a Nova. Furthermore, it turns out that the facility has also been cloning the Holy Body as another alternative to using Pandoras. These react to the Nova and both begin to attempt to destroy the Reactor that powers the lab, the destruction of which would cause a global catastrophe. Meanwhile, the investigation squad send in by the Bridget family takes control, with Aoi Gengo, the leading scientists in all matters Pandora, taking control, and Marks Spencer being arrested. Things originally look hopeless, but Chiffon turns out to be at a whole other level than other Pandoras, calling herself a True Pandora, and not a human. She manages to defeat the Nova, and even save Amelia inside it, but at the cost of her life. The arc ends with the return to West Genetics, where the vice president has a new look, similar to Chiffon and wearing her ribbon, and appears to be set on taking Chiffon’s place.


The plot was far better this season. No schoolyard politics or any of that. The setting got a bit cliche and overdone with the Tower of Babel metaphors, angels, divine punishment, etc. but it was carried out well enough. Satellizer got the most development of the main characters, and I like the general direction in which she’s going, though I don’t particularly like how they’re trying to change her out of being the Untouchable Queen. It was a pretty bad ass title and general way of interacting with the world. Establishing alliances and friendships is important, but just blatantly acting like every other teenage girl was a bit much and somewhat made her lose her charm. The new side characters were a lot cooler and more colorful in this arc, and the old side characters were also much better developed. For some reason I liked Roxanne, though I wish we actually got to see her fight. And I liked Charles too, more so than Elizabeth in terms of her ideals. However, I sympathized with the rest of the people against Spencer, because while I still agreed with him overall, I think he was misguided. As Gengo said, it was clear that this was an area that reckless research could be catastrophic. Still, I admire Elizabeth for staying with Andre and her general conviction. Aoi was the main character I guess but he wasn’t that important other than in the sibling portion, and even then he was pretty useless. Andre had a much more interesting personality and was actually quite useful. Lois was a complete ass. I definitely am not sympathetic to him after his instant change of heart after everything he did, but I suppose I’ll wish him well for the sake of Holly, who seems like a good character caught in a terrible situation that will hopefully get better. Cassie also got her time to shine in a pretty cool battle. Chiffron was scary, but totally badass, and a nice awesome person. She was one of the highlights, but ultimately, it was her that brought up the most unanswered questions in what felt like a cop out. Overall, the characters, main and side, old and new, were all awesome and really got to shine this arc.

Other good and bad aspects from the last season were still there. Great battles. Awesome soundtrack. Pretty good OP/EDs though not as good as the first season.  Solid art and animation. I was annoyed how the mid episode images didn’t have any info anymore as I actually liked that a good deal. Also the end of episode previews were more interesting in that they tried to be more artistic for lack of a better word. Specials are still WTF.

I should also not that the animation studio did a great job and that this is one of the few cases where the anime is better than the manga. Hence I’m really hoping for new season. They should have more than enough material now, though I fear it may be too late to really expect it at this point.



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