Astarotte no Omocha

Astarotte no Omocha is the story of Astarotte, who is a ten year old succubus princess of the Realm of Monsters that hates men, or rather has a trauma surrounding them. As this is a major problem, especially considering she is a succubus, her retainers try to get rid of that fear. To do this, Judith, one of the retainers, ends up going to the human world and bringing back a twenty-three year old man named Naoya, who’s supposed to help her get familiar with men. However, the way things work out, he spends most of the time acting like a father figure towards her.

Things get more complicated, as Naoya turns out to have had a daughter, Asuha, when he was twelve, with someone he essentially only knew for a day, with her being dropped off for him to take care of several years later. Asuha is a strange girl that is sometimes incredibly immature, as she should be, but is also randomly very mature. Still, she gets along very well with Astarotte so this wouldn’t be too much of an issue. But it turns out that her long lost mom was actually Astarotte’s mom, the Queen of the Realm of Monsters, and thus that they are half sisters.

Well, things just get more complicated from there and they have a number of small adventures where they all grow closer to each other. Eventually, strange things start happening, and Naoya and Asuha have to go back to their world to prevent catastrophe. Naoya and Astarotte go on one last date, where they tell each other they love each other, but neither of them can hear each other due to the weird dimensional things happening. Naoya and Asuha go back to their world… but eventually the local seven year old sage Ingrid comes up with a way to fix the dimensional issues and they come back and live together happily ever after.


Who the hell was this targeted to? Half of it felt like it felt like it was targeted at little kids, such as the episodes based on the princess making friends at school, her mother not having time for her, or having trouble speaking publically. Half of it would be completely inappropriate for little kids, such as the entire basis of the show with succubi and harems. So most of the anime felt totally off and the audience that can properly appreciate it is probably incredibly limited.

Getting past that, it was reasonably funny and had its sweet moments. But beyond the previously mentioned bizarre conflict in content, it was a pretty boring show. Strong father figures are pretty rare in anime, so having one alone is interesting in a way I suppose, but there were so many issues with how it was handled. There was no real progression in that regard except at the beginning and end. And it overall really didn’t make a lot of sense most of the time. Most of the relationship dynamics between the various characters were strange. As stated, the main character strongly felt like a father figure for most of the show. The random deceleration of love at the end was truly random. Also, what was up with the Queen? Her character was all over the place and the only place that felt consistent at all was in the OVA. On that note I actually ended up liking the OVA more than the show. It actually had reasonable character development. Seeing more of Zelda was also nice.

Was the ending satisfying? Not really. Was it unsatisfying. Not really. It ended in almost exactly the same place as before the finale started. It was a sweet finale, but it sort of got cancelled out. It was happy, so there’s that at least, as a sad or mysterious ending really wouldn’t have fit at all and I was worried they were actually going in that direction for a bit, so there’s that. Still, nothing too special.

The OP/ED were OK. They were both pretty soft which is unusual for these types of shows, and the ending especially was nice. The art and animation quality was decent enough though nothing special, but I enjoyed how colorful and happy the Realm of Monsters was.

Overall, a bizarre show that was kind of decent but didn’t really go anywhere.



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