The Rosie Project


The Rosie Project is a novel about a genetics researcher named Don that lives life completely logically. He eats the same things every week, precisely calculated for nutrition and efficiency. He follows a strict exercise schedule. He obeys the rules in almost all cases and takes most things quite literally. Most importantly, he decides that the best way to find someone to be his wife is to use a survey. That’s what he tries to do at least. His ‘in an open marriage’ friend Gene ends up sending one of his students, Rosie, to Don’s office to ask a question. He ends up misunderstanding it as someone whom Gene had sent him based on the surveys for the ‘Wife Project’ and asks her out on a date. When he later discovers that she doesn’t meet any of the requirements he had written out for a wife, so he ends up abandoning that train of thought. But he discovers that she was on a search of her own, to find her real father, whom her mother had said was part of her graduating class but had never given her a name on. Hence, despite not knowing why he’s doing so, he ends up putting the ‘Wife Project’ on the back burner in order to focus on the ‘Father Project’. It ends up being a wild ride that involves a lot from both of them, as they must secretly steal the DNA from everyone in her mothers class. This involves acting as bartenders, learning to dance, and even going on a trip to New York. The end result is that they do find out who the father is, but most importantly, as expected, they end up growing much closer, Don ends ups growing an emotional side, and as expected finds love.


Don was an interesting character. What was most interesting about this book was his character and how he interacted with the world. It was in first person, so Rosie, the projects, and everything else as focused on the book was around their connection to him, and ultimately around him changing. The wrap up was ridiculous to the point that it was Incredible. But I’m glad he got a happy ending, though to be frank I feel the Don in the beginning was more interesting than that one at the end, but whatever makes him happy. Despite being a romantic novel, and while it had its sweet moments, the romance was only a moderate part of the story. The romance as a motivation for him to grow and change was how it was key, not the romance itself.



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