Seitokai no Ichizon

Seitokai no Ichizon

The student council at Hekiyou Gakuen is chosen primarily through voting, though there is one seat that is reserved for the student with the highest grades. The voting portion ends up being purely a popularity contest and thus those four seats are filled with girls that are popular for various reasons. Kurimu is incredibly childish in appearance and personality, but tries to pretend she’s mature. Chizuru is quite mature most of the time, though her personality does seem quite dark at times. Mafuyu is an insecure airhead that loves games and BL. Minatsu is a tomboy that plays sports and pretty much wants to live in a shounen anime. The last seat however, is given to Sugisaki Ken, a guy who appears to be a low life pervert yelling about harems, but is actually a hard working and compassionate guy with a good amount of depth. Seitokai no Ichizon features their adventures as the student council, mostly just hanging out and not really doing anything.


This anime surprised me in how there was depth. It seemed originally like it was the type of show made purely for its comedic value, and it is quite funny, but it slowly makes you care about all of the characters and then reveals that there’s a good amount of depth to them, especially at the end where you learn that Ken actually does have a interesting past and motivations, though these only get touched upon lightly. It’s in one sense its minimal story telling since it suggests there’s a major story right outside the edges of what’s being shown while still wrapping things up in a way, but at the same time, its a strong cliff hanger in that I really want to know what exactly happened, and want to see more development derived from it. The show is paced primarily on comedy, but when the story does flow it flows well.

The comedy was pretty decent. Mileage may vary as its heavily based on referencing and parodying other anime/manga/LN/VNs or aspects of that culture. Without that, a lot of the jokes will fall completely flat, though the other humor is decent. The main characters as mentioned are pretty diverse and I like all of them, and the side character reporter. The character designs were fun. ZR.

The art and animation quality were unfortunately pretty bad. Even the Blu-Rays looked like upscaled DVDs. Music wise, the OP was good and fit well. I have no idea what the hell was happening with the ED though. They were all kind of different, and a total mess. The soundtrack was decent enough but not especially memorable other than maybe Chizuru’s theme.


I have high hopes for the second season.


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