D-Frag is about Kazuma Kenji, someone who appears to be a delinquent that wants to take over the school… for all of five minutes until he helps put out a fire and ends up getting forced into joining the game development club (tentative) by a bizarre bunch of girls. The president of the club is Roka, element fire, but really darkness, who is very strange and has the special move of putting bags over people’s heads. Another member is Chitose, element Earth, the student council president, and probably the only reason the club is still around considering they don’t really do anything. She sometimes throws dirt at people due to being an Earth element, but mostly just punches them. Lastly there’s Sakura, element water, who just goes with the flow. They have have a teacher as a mentor that doesn’t really do anything except sleep. Outside the club, there’s also Takao, an amazing girl from what is called the REAL game development club, that has conflicts with the other game development club, but is still ultimately close to them. In addition to these characters, there’s also the amazing teacher Shawn, the rest of Kazuma’s gang, the rest of the real game development club, the well admired Funabori, Kazuma’s younger sister, and the previous student council. The anime features the adventures of the game development club (tentative) interacting with each other and all these other characters.


This show is really random, but that’s part of why its so funny. This comedy is the focus of the anime. There is some character and relationship development but not that much. As noted, there is a very colorful cast of characters though. There was some plot in each episode but the plot itself was bizarre and humorous and each event barely tied into any previous event beyond some surface developments. The game angle was pretty cool, though its used very lightly. They could easily do a lot more with another season, though it doesn’t really demand it that strongly, and I don’t think that it’ll have one. The best part really was the style that radiated “LET’S HAVE FUN” rather than focusing on the characters or the plot. The OP/ED fit into that perfectly as well, and were good. The art was colorful and really popped out which fit as well. Soundtrack was OK.



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