Avengers: Age of Ultron


After the events of The Winter Soldier, S.H.I.E.L.D. is gone, and Loki’s staff is missing. A hence come in the Avengers, who go on a massive search, as it is incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands. They eventually find and take it from Stryker, though his two enhanced human experiments, Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, manage to escape. Wanda also uses her Hex powers to secretly put a fear into Stark that doom is coming, and that he must take drastic action in order to prevent it. Hence he and Banner, without consulting the rest of the team create Ultron, an artificial intelligence based on what’s in Loki’s staff, to protect mankind and achieve ‘peace in our time’. Things go tremendously wrong, with Ultron being more interested in destroying humanity than saving it, and hence the Avengers are called into action yet again.


A lot of people complain that a lot of Marvel movies all follow the same cookie cutter formula. While they have been deviating from that a good amount recently, there are still some movies that follow the same formula that was pretty much the standard for the majority of Phase 1. Age of Ultron fits pretty well into that formula. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but Age of Ultron very much is a lot of the same as the previous Avengers film. The focus is heavily on the team being disunited and having to unite to face a foe more powerful than any one of them can take alone. The issue with this however, is that that is essentially completely the same as in the first movie. Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are new, but the focus on them is just as much as on the old Avengers. Vision gets very little time. They try to put a spin on some of the old ones, with Hawkeye having a personal life and some attempt at a romance between Natasha and Banner, but these actually feel completely off base as compared to the rest of the film. So the majority of the movie feels repetitive with its predecessor, and the majority of what’s new falls flat. Now that’s not to say its a bad movie. The actions is great and the plot that’s the same is still solid. The comedy is still on point. Furthermore, what’s new has its highlights. Wanda Maximoff is great. The conflict over determining what has to be done for the future, in regards to whether its worth taking risks implementing plans that may save the universe is a lot better of a source of conflict than in the previous film. And what can essentially be amounted to as genuine fan service in bringing in a whole bunch of other characters from the other films worked a lot better. And the Avenger’s theme still sounds epic.

Overall a movie that’s very similar to it’s predecessor with some things better and some worse, that overall make it almost as good, but more repetitive.


Now the ending did bring up some questions though. There’s a completely new Avengers team it seems. At least that’s what the ending suggests. But at the same time, Civil War makes it seem like a lot of the heroes that seemingly tapped out are still in the fray. I mean, Iron Man and Captain America you absolutely can’t take out. They are very much the core of the Avengers, and they absolutely do not have suitable replacements right now. Maybe once Spiderman and Black Panther roll in. But even then, I don’t see it. Furthermore, what else is RDJ even doing? Just find a way to keep him on. But I guess that also brings up the issues with Cinematic Universes in that they are heavily dependent on actors, who may not want to do these films forever, and then what? It would be really hard to reboot the Universe, and I don’t think the audience would take kindly to just swapping out an actor. On another note, I wonder if the rule about no super hero ever staying dead for long applies to the Cinematic Universe. And on an even more random note, Black Widow’s tech being blue is really jarring. She’s supposed to be black and red god damn it. Also post/mid credit scenes are awesome. Having it before removes the impact. so I’m not a fan of that.




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