Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun

Chiyo Sakura confesses to her crush Umetarou Nozaki, and ends up getting his autograph. She then ends up helping him in his manga, and later discovers that he’s actually a famous Shoujo manga artist. Hence, as she still has a crush on him, she continues helping him with his manga, which gets her into a number of situations involving him and other students at their school. The most important of these side characters are: Mikoto Mikoshiba, who acts as if he’s a confident playboy, but gets embarrassed by the things he himself says, and also does effects for Nozaki’s manga; Yuzuki Seo, a girl who is completely oblivious to everything around her but in a crazy and aggressive sort of way, who also possesses the voice of an angel as Lorelei; Hirotaka Wakamatsu, who ends up being harassed in a way by Seo, but still in a way gets close to her, while also unknowingly becoming an obsessive fan of Lorelei, and he also ends up helping out with Nozaki’s manga; Yuu Kashima, who is known as the prince despite being female and acts as the lead in all the plays for the club, but also abuses her prince like qualities; Masayuki Hori, the head of the drama club, who keeps Kashima in check, and helps Nozaki with backgrounds in exchange for him writing stories for their plays. There are a number of other characters as well, such as Nozaki’s fellow author and a couple editors. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun focuses on the interactions of these various characters in various situations throughout their manga/student lives.


What’s key about this anime is that it takes what are reasonably common tropes for shoujo manga, but twists them in interesting ways, primarily by applying them to the opposite gender. These are then very exaggerated for comedic effect. That is the basis for the majority of comedy, which is the core of this anime. The characters themselves I found quite interesting. The viewers get the strongest look into the mind of Sakura, with her adorable fawning. I found Yuzuki really cool as well. While I found the majority of characters interesting, just based on personal preference I didn’t especially like or get attached to any of the other ones.

Relationship development was very slow but did happen to a very slight degree. Though the cop out at the end was weak, and totally unnecessary. I still want to see all the relationship threads get to their end though, so I’m definitely going to watch Season 2 if it comes out, but as that seems unlikely to happen I suppose I’ll end up reading the manga at some point. On the subject of manga, Nozaki writing a manga is also something that’s used for comedic effect a good amount and is used very well as a parallel to whats going on in real life, but with interesting twists. Hence, in that sense it was pretty good. It’s certainly no Bakuman though as ultimately the challenge of writing manga or the conflicts related to that are pretty much ignored, though to be honest that’s for the best as it wouldn’t really fit with the tone trying to be created.

The OP and ED were good. The art and animation were solid. The character designs are pretty good. The soundtrack wasn’t especially memorable though it had a couple good tracks.

A solid slice of life comedy centered around Shoujo manga.



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