If Her Flag Breaks


Souta has the ability to see flags, as in essentially indications of whats coming from a trope like perspective. Through that he develops relationships with a number of other people. Nanami is a princess of some far off land and somewhat of a tsundere. Akane is a rich ojou-sama that tries her best to be the opposite of spoiled. Kikuno acts like an onee-sama for Souta. Hakura is Nanami’s sister and apparently fits the annoying girl trope. Mei is involved with something heavy but loses her memories and joins the group. Kurumiko is a little sister type that gets roped into joining the group as she has no where else to go. Rin is a long lost childhood friend that is in danger of going yandere. Serika is an idol that met and was motivated by Souta in the past without her knowing it was Souta. Miyuki is Souta’s teacher that was saved by Souta… sort of. Ruri is an android. Tsumugi looks like a kid but apparently is someone who grew so old she started reverse aging. Mimori is the super hyper student council president. Megumu is a guy who everyone thinks of as a girl. Every single one of these characters grow to develop some sort of level of affection for Souta as they go about their student lives, which is a good portion of the plot. The rest of the plot involves alternate dimensions, death flags, the true nature of the universe, and and organization trying to prevent ‘angels’ from taking over the world. lolwat?


The beginning of the anime focusing on the characters was decent. The concept of seeing and manipulating flags is a good deconstruction of having tropes itself, and at least at first it seemed like they were doing OK with it. Most of the characters fit into being tropes pretty strictly, but as the entire anime was based around flags this felt appropriate and the characters still felt interesting. Quest Dormitory was cool. It got a bit repetitive and boring as it went on however, and hence a larger and larger focus was given to the other overarching plot, but it still managed to be somewhat decent for the most part.

But as the plot got more and more serious and they started revealing the broader story they were telling, it got really convoluted, eventually leading to something that made little to no sense. Everything felt essentially random and dumped on the viewer and felt like a complete mess that didn’t really answer anything.

A legend that somehow applied to the virtual world? A cruise liner with wings is the final boss? What who the hell is the grey haired girl? And why is she the bad guy? So she’s someone sister? But where did they come from? They’re virtual too. What the hell? Seriously? Too many world and stories. They literally put in a backstory only to completely refute it. To put it bluntly, the higher arching plot was terrible. It was so utterly terrible that it was off putting at first, but eventually I completely lost the ability to take it seriously, and even managed to enjoy the absurdity a bit. When it was finally over, and it showed the mansion before switching to the eye catch, I broke out laughing. It felt like the author just put in everything he thought was cool for the hell of it. From that point of view, it was actually kind of awesome.

Now as for the ending. I have no idea what it actually is. And furthermore, I’m not sure if the unclear ending is supposed to be something deep, or just bad writing. Supposedly the story is over and they’re back in the real world, but the final scenes show the presence of characters that should only be in a virtual world and also some memory shenanigans.

On a similar note the OVA was pretty nice. It had cute Christmas clothes so that’s a plus. But they completely skipped most of the plot. How the hell did he save Christmas? Still, it was probably funnier than most the normal series, and hence honestly I feel it was better than most of the series. Jingle Bell-Jingle Bell-Jingle Bell-Jingle Bell-Jingle Bell-Jingle Bell-Jingle Bell-Jingle Bell-Jingle Bell-Jingle Bell-Jingle Bell-Jingle Bell-Jingle Bell-Jingle Bell-Jingle Bell-

Also is it actually a sequel as it takes into account that last moment with Serican? But how does that even work as its a separate world. Like this episode shouldn’t even exist in any continuities. Plus there aren’t any flags so… You know what. I give up. Everyone was happy so I guess that’s a good way to properly end the anime. I don’t even care about the cliche happy ending. I prefer those over something deep but random or sad. I would have liked it better to see more like the OVA. Just them going on various adventures with standard romcom stuff without the overarching plot. Oh well.

The art was acceptable. The soundtrack was acceptable but not memorable. The ED was pretty good. The OP was lackluster.

Overall, a decent concept that has a major trainwreck.





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