Scott Lang just got out of prison. He went to prison for breaking through a top of the line security system for a corporation for something along the lines of whistle blowing. But he’s out, and now he needs a job. Unfortunately, despite having a Master’s in Electrical Engineering, its really hard for an ex-con to get a job, which is especially an issue because if he doesn’t have money he can’t pay child support, and if he can’t pay child support he can’t see his daughter, who lives with his ex-wife and her new husband, who is a cop. Things are looking dim, and hence he goes for one last heist, to steal something from the safe of some guy named Henry Pym. He manages to break in, but to his surprise instead of finding cash or jewels, he finds a suit. He steals the suit, as he has to get something, and later tries it on. And suddenly he’s shrunk to the size of an ant. He manages to survive and try to give the suit back, but he ends up arrested. And hence, with his only option out being listening to the person he stole the suit from he ends up part of his plans to save the world. Henry Pym is the creator of the Pym particle, which he has kept a secret for ages, but his protege Cross seems have managed to create it as well, and seemingly wants to sell it to malevolent entities. Hence, Scott, Pym, and Pym’s daughter Hope must teach Scott how to use the suit, destroy all of Cross’s research, and prevent catastrophe.


Antman like Guardians of the Galaxy is a film that is very different from most Marvel films, and hence is just what it needed post Ultron. It’s a lot more down to Earth as compared to the other films, with the issues with trying to be a good father to his daughter. It has really good humor, and of a type I really enjoy, the type that is wittily sarcastic and making fun of itself. The combination of Henry Pym and Scott actually lines up pretty close to what I enjoy about Iron Man. Also, the romance between Scott and Hope felt less dumb than a lot of other recent ones, especially the one in Ultron. And of course it has all of what makes other Marvel films amazing as well, such as the great CG, awesome soundtrack, references to other films, super powers, and spectacular action.

A great film that’s unique but still has most of the strengths of the Marvel Universe.


What even happened at the end though? I don’t understand the dude at all. Is Antman part of the Avengers now? Or is Falcon just looking for him related to the Civil War stuff that was teased later? Also, Wasp is going to be front and center in Antman and the Wasp. So she’s not in anything before that I’m guessing? And mid credit/end credit scenes are still awesome. Glad they went back to having them.


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