Beyond Good & Evil


The planet of Hillys is under attack by the alien force known as the DomZ, with only the elite Alpha Section capable of defending against them. Or at least, that’s what it seems like on first look. Jade, a girl taking care of orphans from the war against the DomZ is thrown head first into a conspiracy when she discovers IRIS, what are portrayed as a rebel group by the government, but really appear to be working for the good of Hillys. She gets sent into dangerous situations, where she must uncover secrets and report on the what is truly occurring, so that the truth may come to light, and the people of Hillys may rise up against their true oppressors, all the while working towards saving her adopted uncle Pey’j, and discovering secrets about her own past.


Beyond Good and Evil is a game that has a pretty unique setting and style. It’s futuristic and somewhat bright, but at the same time very dreary with a lot of green and grey. The soundtrack is very diverse, ranging from dangerous electric, to ominous sounding classical, to pop music in other languages. The main character is a girl named Jade who’s a photographer, and the primary goals of the game for the most part are to take pictures, though the majority of the game involves getting to the places where you have to take the pictures. Other characters include a host of animal/human hybrids. Beyond that the story isn’t too ground breaking, essentially being about a government that’s secretly not working in the interests of its citizens, though the twist on it with the alien conspiracy was interesting. But surprisingly it all comes together very well, which is no small feat.

A big part of that is how it all felt very polished. The game is pretty open, but not too much. The world is big, but not too big. There’s nothing that really feels like filler. There are a good amount of characters, but most of them got what felt like a reasonable amount of screen time and none of them felt annoying. The combat was pretty weak and vehicle sections were just decent, but they helped break up the puzzles and stealth sections which felt more like the core of the experience and were great. The side content for finding pearls: taking wildlife photography, raiding the Alpha Sections, finding treasure, doing races, looter caves, etc. all were enjoyable to do all the way through and didn’t get tedious as is the case with most open world collectathons today. Nothing really felt like it dragged on too long, and hence the pacing was amazing.

Beyond Good and Evil is a game with a lot of unique aspects that also has very high levels of polish to back it up.


Also, how can you have a cliffhanger but no sequel for so long? What is even up with that?


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