Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha

Koutarou is moving into 106 Corona Apartments . He feels lucky to have found a really cheap apartment, as the only reason he’s able to afford an apartment despite only being a high school student is that its so cheap. He hears later on that the reason for the low rent, is that the apartment is actually haunted. After he moves in, he discovers that this is true, when the ghost attacks him. Luckily, he has his grandmother’s charms, and a battle with the occupying ghost Sanae ensues. In the midst of battle, a girl suddenly flies in through the window. Her name is Yurika, and she claims that she’s a Magical Girl, and that there’s a powerful magical presence in this room that she has to make sure doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, but Koutarou and Sanae just think she’s a cosplayer. They begin arguing, when suddenly the floor pops open and a miko looking girl named Kiriha comes out. She’s a member of the ‘Earth People’, who along with their Haniwa are on a quest for world domination and need to take over the room to begin their conquest. As they begin arguing again, a portal opens up in the wall, and a blonde girl looking like she came out of a sci-fi movie pops out. Her name is Theia, and she must take over this room in order to complete a trial assigned to her as a noble of the Galactic Fortorthe Empire. An argument ensues again, and Theia proceeds to almost wipe out everything with an orbital cannon, until her retainer Ruth comes out and stops her. Still, everything is a complete mess, when Koutarou’s landlord Shizuka walks in. She single-handedly defeats everyone, and lays down the law. Ownership of the room would be divided evenly and henceforth be decided based on a series of competitions through which participants would slowly take away the other’s share of the room. Now things are looking pretty pressing for Koutarou, seeing as he seems to be just a normal guy, who’s just trying to live the life of a normal high-schooler. He’s even in the knitting club, along side the similarly perfectly normal albeit fragile Harumi. Or at least she appears to be. There appears to be more to her than meets the eye. And heck, there seem to be secrets in Koutarou’s past as well. And so the games begin.


This anime is very clearly tries to do every anime trope possible. And some how, it manages to pull it off. As is evident, there is a very nice variety of characters. Not just in terms of background or designs, but also in terms of personality. All of them were good in their owns ways. But some how they manage to fit together great. Sanae has insecurities about not being alive, Theia is a tsundere, Kiriha tries to appear more wicked than she actually is, Yurika easily gets swept up in the flow of things but continues to try her best, and Harumi is incredibly kind. The other side characters while not as important, aren’t flat and have a good amount of personality too. Koutarou to be honest was the flattest of the bunch looking back, but that’s because what he acted like was a conduit that helped bring out the traits of all the other characters, which made him a pretty cool character too. Watching the interactions between characters as they grew closer was a highlight, and what made the ending pretty satisfying.

The issue however, is that the anime felt like only the beginning of the story. Just the prologue even. They just scratched the surface. Now the pacing was excellent and how they chose to structure it and end it was very well done so I’m absolutely not faulting them in how they chose to use their time. But despite the last episode being a good point for a break, there really wasn’t much closure on anything. So many questions remain. It still feels like they’ve only just begun. The characters have all been set up. Larger plots have been hinted at. It was very solid in everything that it did, but nothing felt too exciting or unpredictable, as is often the case when things are just starting out. I really want another season or ten of this, but alas, it seems the window for a new season announcement is coming to a close unfortunately. Stranger things have happened, but at this point I’m not too optimistic. Thank god for Baka-Tsuki and the lovely people translating this. I’m looking forward to reading the novels for this eventually.

As for the other aspects, the OP and ED were great and very stylish. The soundtrack was decent enough but not too memorable. I really liked the art, in part because of how many different styles it seemed to portray. Animation was solid. The comedy was decent.

Overall an anime that seems like a hodgepodge but is greater than the sum of it’s part, though it definitely feels like it needs more.



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