Witch Craft Works


Takamiya is a relatively normal high school student. At least he thought he was. This changes completely when a number of Withes, called Tower Witches, come after him trying to take control of the power sealed inside him, which he doesn’t seem to be able to use properly at all. Thankfully, there are also witches that are supposed to protect him, called Workshop Witches, specifically Kagari, who is a class mate of his, and someone he thinks he has a history with, but that he can’t quite seem to remember. Now that things have come to light, for reasons that aren’t completely clear, Kagari is very overprotective of Takamiya, even at school, and with her being the school princess and him being a nobody, this earns him the hostility of the rest of the student body. And of course the issue with Witches certainly isn’t resolved, and there turn out to be a tremendous amount of Witches, with a number of schemes to steal his power, which he can’t even use as they need to remain sealed inside him or his everyday life will be over as the Workshop would then be forced to seal him completely.


Witch Craft Works has the standard mostly useless, but overtly heroic protagonist. He has a lot of power sealed inside him, and despite an incredible reluctance to use it ends up being used quite a bit, but the way things progress most of the time he seems useless. What makes things a bit more interesting than the common use of this trope, is that they don’t try to steer around the issue, but rather make full use of damsel-in-distress trope type material with him, which is obviously interesting and comedic due to it being applies to the gender it usually doesn’t, and hence is a nice reversal of tropes.

There were a lot of interesting characters. Ayaka especially was awesome in the overpowered with certain restrictions way that I am especially fond of. Honoka’s younger sister Kasumi was also especially interesting due to her conflicts with Ayaka. There were a bunch of other characters that all had very interesting designs, but got very little development. The plot too was pretty interesting, with the war between the Tower and Workshop Witches, the different cultures of both, the systems in place for both, the power sealed in Honoka, etc. as well as the completely unrelated parts related to normal school life. And things moved at a pretty brisk pace. The issue however, is that there is too much of everything, in definitely not enough time. Hence, everything felt very convoluted. There were a lot of characters with great designs sure, but the vast majority of them as stated got little to no development as mentioned. At that point, it felt like there were too many characters. Similarly, a lot of mechanics were touched on, and then ignored, in favor of completely new ones constantly, and hence there was a lack of coherence in how things progressed. Overall all of this was all still good, but there was a lack of depth to it.

The comedy was pretty good. The designs were great and animation decent enough, but I felt that they used CG too much in places that it looked out of place and wrong. The OP was pretty good, and the ED was ridiculously catchy, and had really cool visuals too. The soundtrack too was a lot better than I expected.

An anime with lots of cool characters and a good plot, but some issues with too much crammed into it and feeling somewhat underdeveloped.



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