Minions have existed long before humanity. They have always existed with one purpose, to follow the most despicable creature they can find. Whether it be a fish, a T-Rex, or eventually a human. Still, they’ve had a hard time keeping a boss. Despicable people don’t last long. Eventually, the minions were chased to the cold caves of Siberia and there they made a life for themselves. But something was missing. Without a despicable boss, their lives lacked purpose. Hence, Kevin proposed that he go off in search of a new boss. Hence, Kevin, Stuart, and Bobs journey’s to villain-con and their journey towards becoming henchman for the most despicable villain in the world, Scarlet Overkill, began.


This was a really light movie, even for an animated movie. It was pretty funny, but there didn’t really feel like there was any depth. No moral or development of anything. So its definitely a step back from the Despicable Me movies for me. The animation and soundtrack and general quality was just as good, but while I really do like the minions, I feel the concepts that make them cool aren’t so great over such an extended film. For example, the lack of words for the majority of the movie is an interesting idea that I felt was somewhat of a throwback to silent films, which I can respect but I don’t particularly enjoy. The gibberish itself sounds ridiculous but charming and was great in the Despicable Me movies, but I felt it was too much of a good thing and all that for Minions. As for the characters, each of the main minions had a bit more depth than they did in the Despicable Me movies, but it was still somewhat lacking. On the other hand, I really liked Scarlet and Herb Overkill. Both of them were really fun villains with a great deal of charm. I hope we see more of them in the future. And on the topic of villains, the Gru reveal was handled great.

I pretty humorous film that caters very well to Minions fans but is lacking in depth.


Can’t wait for Despicable Me 3!


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