What if there was a place where all the best scientists, engineers, and artists worked to make a better world without being hindered by politics or bureaucracy? That is the concept behind Tomorrowland, a world separate from our own based around that purpose. The original goal was to work everything out there, and then open things up to Earth. But something went terribly wrong. A man named Frank created a machine that could essentially predict the future on Earth, and discovered that all that existed in the future was destruction. It came in a myriad of ways, but all paths led to a quickly approaching apocalypse. The plan was abandoned, Franke exiled, and it was determined that the worlds would remain separate. But a recruiter for the Tomorrowland project, and also a robot, named Athena refused to give up. She found a girl named Casey who she believed could turn things around, and give Earth a fighting chance. And hence both of them and Frank journeyed to Tomorrowland to fight for Earth’s future.


This movie has a very good point and general concept. The future has changed. Before it was all about how amazing things could be. Everyone looked to the stars, people that worked for NASA were heroes, the World Fair was a major event, and people were just overall optimistic. Nowadays, when we look to the future, we are far more pessimistic. We focus on how weapons of mass destruction and terrorism could easily lead to the collapse of civilization. We focus on how global warming will bring about the end of humanity. We focus on how we’re losing our liberties and movies towards fascist, communist, and who knows what dystopias. We focus on how fragile the human existence of today is, and how easily it could be wiped out. We are in an age of pessimism. An age of self loathing. An age of fear. One would think that all of this would motivate us to do something to solve these problems, to work towards solutions, to fix things. On the contrary, we’ve embraced our demise. It’s a major theme in video games, books, movies, etc. We rally behind whatever we fear most, whether it be terrorism, guns, climate change, etc. and fear monger to get others to join our side. We exploit this fear for profit and make it as entertaining as possible. And hence it grows and grows. And with such a strong fear of the future, we ironically do our best to stay as firmly rooted in the status quo as possible, thus making little progress on the issues that truly matter in this regard, and hence never come close to solving any of these problems. We need a complete turn around to our culture in dealing with this. Now how the hell is that going to happen? Who knows.

That is a great concept. It was a bit naive but its a kid focused movie so that’s fine. It is something that needs saying. There were a lot of great lines and they pulled some parts of it very well. But overall the plot was very weak. The characters were flat. There wasn’t much development. The relationships between characters was the randomest thing ever and one was somewhat creepy to be honest. The plot events felt really disconnected and it moved way too slowly. The Sci-Fi was bad and had no sense of wonder or plausible mystique that it should. The time related stuff established no real rules and how everything worked was too focused on being a metaphor for it to actually feel consistent. Plus there wasn’t really anything too amazing visually, and the soundtrack was forgettable. It just overall wasn’t very entertaining.

It has a good concept, but tries to pound that in too hard, and hence fails in many other areas, but the good concept still redeems it to a degree.



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