Jurassic World


Brothers Zach and Gray go for vacation to Jurassic World, the successor to the two decades prior Jurassic Park. They get VIP passes because their aunt Claire is the operational manager for the whole facility, but as she’s so important her aunt is too busy to show them around herself. In part because its a busy time of the year, but she’s especially busy because Jurassic World is getting ready to show off a new asset, Indominus‍ rex, a new dinosaur designed to be even greater, terrifying, and awe inspiring than any dinosaur before it. She requests that Owen, a retired Navy vet who’s working on a program to get Raptors to follow orders, inspect the cage. But it turns out that the new dinosaur that they designed is far more intelligent than they expected and it manages to escape. While simultaneously trying to handle that situation in a way that wouldn’t result the collapse of the island and company by implementing security procedures, she also realizes that her nephews are in the beasts path. And hence she and Owen head out to save her newphews, and fighting for their lives as they also do their best to stop Indominus‍ rex while also dealing with everything else on the island.


It has been a long time since Jurassic Park III, and ultimately I think that’s what gives Jurassic World a lot of its strength. Because its been so long since its predecessors, it can do what has already done before but is what the series excels at and still be amazing. Now that’s not to say that its exactly the same as the previous films. There are certainly some major changes. Everything is far more futuristic in terms of technology. The way people interact is different. There are some new themes that pop up in all modern films of the same vein such as military research involvement. But at its core its very much the same Jurassic Park as in the previous films. The nail biting action is the same. A lot of the characters are very similar to old characters. A lot of the scenarios are the same. A lot of the themes are the same. And it ends pretty much the same as the previous ones. And it also heavily plays on references to the first movie.

Some would look at this as an issue, but I do not. It’s very similar to the previous films, but in quality I would say that its a definite improvement over previous iterations, as should be expected based on how similar it is to previous iterations. The characters were all great and the relationships that developed while definitely a bit shallow were still great with how fast paced everything was. The pacing was incredible in that you were at the edge of your seat constantly, but in a very diverse number of ways, and there were a number of twists that while not having any level of depth necessarily, were pretty unexpected and awesome to watch, especially the final battle. The OST was amazing as well, and the theme is still as inspiring and majestic as it ever was. The CG was fantastic as well.

And because its been so long since there’s been a sequel, the fact that it doesn’t tremendously do anything too innovative isn’t an issue. Ultimately, the similarities actually made me enjoy the movie more due to the nostalgia, since its certainly been long enough. In doing what it does best, its a perfect place for people to jump onto the franchise, and for people to return to it.

A very high quality film that is very much a Jurassic Park movie.


Now hopefully, we have to wait a lot less on the sequel. I enjoy the current cast of characters, and hope that we see more of them. But an important thing to note is that while they can get away with being very similar to previous installments after such a long gap, if they’re going to release the sequel relatively soon, they’re going to have to be a bit more innovative, but I’m optimistic they’ll be able to pull it off. They certainly set a strong foundation for it.


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