The Earth is dying. There is massive over population, and just not enough of anything, especially food, to go around. And things are only getting worse. There is no way to save the Earth. The only option is to look beyond, to the stars, and to find another home. One would think there’s no hope, as there are no other habitable planets in the solar system, and the closest stars are a tremendous number of light years away, but somehow a wormhole opens up near Saturn, with a number of possible habitable planets on the other side. A number of probes had been sent as a part of the Lazarus missions to determine which was habitable, and now someone is needed to go and determine which one to set up base on. This mission is to be piloted by Cooper, who would be leaving with a number of other scientists, leaving behind his home, his family, and everything, to go out into the unknown, and to try to save the people of Earth, and the very existence of the human race.


First off let me address the fact that the vast majority of ‘science’, or rather anything close to actually resembling cause and effect as it pertains to the real world as it exists today is completely bogus. That’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works, especially as it got close to the ending. So while it doesn’t have the sci-fi edge, that does not mean necessarily that it isn’t a good movie, as it has a lot of other stuff going for it. I began to think of it as futuristic fantasy, kind of like Star Wars, which it much better fits into.

The underlying plot of the movie was relatively simple, but there was a decent amount of twists and turns in how it was carried out that it kept a strong sense of suspense throughout. This was part of the strong sense of exploration and going into the unknown that the film tried to portray, and did so pretty well, in that there was no reasonable way to predict what was going to happen with anything. This was enhanced by keeping a somewhat realistic way of portraying everything despite it being so fantastical, that played very well into the great cinematography. And of course, the intense soundtrack also did a tremendous job of keeping the atmosphere.

While it somewhat portrays itself as sci-fi in terms of style, it doesn’t actually try to remain anywhere close to actual science, so it seems a bit awkward, but is still good due to some incredibly great shots and the strong sense of exploration it conveys.



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