Blood Lad


Staz is a vampire, and the boss of a territory in the demon world. He’s not a normal vampire though. He lacks the noble traits vampires possess, and he doesn’t particularly care about getting human blood. Rather, he mostly spends his time playing games, watching anime, reading manga, etc. This changes one day when a human girl named Fuyumi wanders into his territory, and ends up dying, and turning into a ghost. Staz hence vows that he will revive her. This journey starts off with meeting a treasure hunter girl named Bell, who has all sorts of portal magic, and is in search of the person who used her magic without permission to create the ‘dark curtain’ between the demon world and human world that Fuyumi wandered into. She also remembers selling a book about human reincarnation, and that she’ll help them if they help her. And so their journey begins, that takes them all over the demon world, meeting friends, relatives, enemies, and revealing that pretty much everyone actually has a pretty extensive backstory.


Blood Lad is a Shounen anime that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The world isn’t all that consistent, and things happen more so because its interesting for them to happen that way than in a way that follows rules and what not. That’s not to say it doesn’t have a plot. It does have a plot that’s quite interesting with a surprisingly large amount of twists and turns and well developed characters. But its all done in a comedic lighthearted fashion that always just goes with the flow. And it flows incredibly well, with each episode flowing right off the previous one in a super fast paced way. There are battles, but they are more interesting because of the humor and style than the intensity. And it all works out.

The characters and backstory is where a lot of the depth comes from. Every character seems to have a backstory that ultimately comes to be very important, what with Staz’s family and their conflict with the King, the relationship between Fuyumi and Bell and their families, Wolf being a half breed and his connection with the King, etc. There’s a lot going on and always twists that keep you interested in what’s going to happen next. And then it just ends. Boom. Over. It’s like a normal Shounen anime that’s supposed to go on forever, but just ends. And then the OVA just does it again, though the last scene in that was pretty cool. I totally get that anime generally can only do a short portion of their source material, and it may well have been impossible for them to do more. Still, when the ending doesn’t have anything really being resolved yet, just a lot of stories put into play, it is pretty unsatisfying. Due to the structure of the story it would be pretty difficult to not do this in the amount of episodes they had, so I suppose the only option they could have had is to wait and do a longer season, but I suppose that may not have been reasonable. Still, in the end, the ending just wasn’t satisfying.

While the art wasn’t especially original there were a lot of small things that made me like it a lot. This was helped by the designs, which I definitely liked a lot. The animation was solid as well. The soundtrack and OP/ED were decent.

A humorous anime with an interesting plot and good sense of style that doesn’t end on a satisfying note.



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