Mad Max: Fury Road


Max is captured by the War Boys, the violent cult of Immortan Joe, and is designated as a ‘Blood Bag’ for the war boys in battle. This battle immediately begins when Imperator Furiosa, who on a scheduled gasoline pick up, takes her War Rig off road. Immortan Joe immediately realizes that she had taken his forced wives with her, and was attempting to free them. Hence, he calls his War Boys and his allies in Gas Town and Bullet Factory to arms. They go after her, with Max strapped to the front of a car feeding blood to Nux who needed a transfusion but didn’t want to be left behind. Things get intense, battles ensue, and Max ultimately ends up on the War Rig with Furiosa, allied with her. The chase continues, until all other options seem like a dead end, and then they turn back for one final confrontation.


The plot in the movie was pretty weak, in that there wasn’t much beyond people trying to escape from a much stronger force chasing them. There was some growth I suppose with Nux as well as some other characters, but for the most part there was very little character development. The real star of the show was the world itself. It was very unique with the various factions with their own culture. The War Boys had their own mythology based on Norse lore. It had sayings such as “I live. I die. I live again.” as well as rituals such as spray painting your face before you attempted to die fighting. They had their own unique vehicle designs as well, such as the guy on the guitar and major amp system. And that’s just one faction. The various other factions all had their own traits as well. Ultimately, the aspect that tied everything together, was how everything, the culture, the world, etc. were based on violence. Most post apocalyptic worlds heavily feature violence, but the world in Fury Road downright worships it. This was incredibly horrific and at points down right disgusting, but it was still incredibly colorful and interesting. The action was brutal, fast paced, and very constant. The soundtrack was very high energy and constantly pounding away. The general style was spot on in contributing to this atmosphere. The best word to describe all of this is definitely intense.

Overall a weak plot and flat characters, but an incredibly interesting world with great action still makes this a good film.




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