inFamous 2


Soon after his final fight with Kessler, Cole MacGrath is contacted by NSA agent Kuo. She too knows about the oncoming assault by the Beast, and says that she knows someone that’ll enhance his powers such that he’ll be able to defeat it. Hence, he, Zeke, and Kuo prepare for their journey to New Marais. But right before they set out, the Beast appears, and Cole instantly confronts him, and loses. He ends up getting most of his power sucked out of him, but manages to escape onto the boat heading to New Marais. Hence, the urgency of gaining the powers necessary to defeat the Beast increases tremendously.

Upon arriving in New Marais however, they encounter the Militia, a group sponsored and controlled by Bertrand, the billionaire that owns the majority of business interests in the town. This militia came in to fill the issues created when the levees broke, half the town got flooded, and the police could no longer handle the level of criminal activity that resulted. But they do so with an iron fist, very fascist tendencies, and are very anti-conduit, meaning they want Cole dead. This is a major issue, as they seem to have kidnapped Doctor Wolfe, the man who is supposed to help Cole enhance his powers by helping him get Blast Cores so that he may use the RFI, which he says will destroy the Beast. Things are further complicated by the fact that a swarm of swamp monsters also appear to be attacking the city, and that Bertrand also appears to be experimenting with conduits, in the process awakening Kuo as an ice conduit, and creating an army of lunatic mercenaries with similar powers. There also appears to be another conduit named Nix who uses fire powers, and is also strongly against the Militia, but is far less professional about it as compared to Kuo. And lastly, the plague from Empire City seems to have spread all over the coast, leading to mass casualties there as well. Cole must find the rest of the Blast Cores lost around new Marais while also facing all these other threats, and do so before the Beast arrives.


inFamous 2 is very similar to it’s predecessor. In terms of combat, the melee system is enhanced with combos and finishing moves, there are new ice and fire powers depending on which path you go down, and there are also super moves called Ionic Powers you can use pretty much from the beginning, but overall it plays out incredibly similar to the previous game. Maybe a slight improvement. I felt the combat in the previous game was decent but not excellent, essentially a solid third person shooter made unique because of the heavy movement and versatility as well as how flashy it all played out, and the same same pretty much applies here. The differences between good and evil were more pronounced, which helps replay value, though I definitely feel the good path had better powers. I felt navigation was enhanced more so, though still incredibly similar. There’s still the strong feeling of being able to go anywhere you want in a very easy flowing manner. There are now several powers to enhance that, though the power on the ice side is far superior in my opinion to the one on the fire side as well. There are also a couple new elements such as rails that launch you upwards that also make things more smooth. The platforming portions themselves also felt better integrated into the rest of the game, so that was a plus as well. The mission variety was pretty similar, both the main missions and side missions, to the point it didn’t get too old and the alternate path differences gave it a good amount of replay value. Overall, I felt the game play was solid, somewhat an improvement over the previous game, but not tremendously so.

Story wise, I felt it was a good amount more interesting, though also a bit more ridiculous. Overall, the plot was much more directed than the previous game, where things were very different between the different sections. As a result, the characters involved were involved essentially from beginning to end, and just overall it felt much more character driven than the previous game that was oriented around the mystery about what was happening. This was an improvement because the characters were a good amount more interesting. Cole is still a pretty flat good or evil depending on your choices, but the rest of the cast have more depth. For example, I didn’t quite hate Bertrand despite everything. He has a really messed up justification for everything he was doing, but a justification nevertheless. The Beast even got solid motivation. Zeke got a good amount of redemption from what he did in the last game. And most interesting were Kuo and Nix. They are meant to represent the good and evil path, but towards the end of the game that sort of breaks down and it becomes clear they have a good amount more depth to them. The best way I can describe it is that rather than being good or evil, Kuo is lawful neutral, and Nix is chaotic neutral. Kuo follows the law and what is seen as the right path, but certainly seems to be restraining herself from going too far in some situations that pop up, though ultimately, a lot of that is based on ego and thinking long term, and when it comes down to it, if she has to she’ll pick what’s seen as the morally ambiguous side to protect herself. Nix had a hard life and acts down right horrendous against the world in retaliation, but she has a compassionate side, which they didn’t develop that much but comes through somewhat relating to her ‘pets’. When faced with real evil, which she does when Cole goes down the evil ending, she’s shocked and in disbelief, which was interesting to see. To be frank, I didn’t like Nix all that much, and liked Kuo tremendously so, she’s easily my favorite character in the inFamous universe up to this game, so I definitely preferred the good side story more so than the evil side, except for the ending where the evil ending was infinitely more interesting due to a pretty major twist. That makes me somewhat sad about how the sequel is based on the good ending but that’s getting ahead of myself.

The graphics were a decent improvement over the previous game, though at this point that doesn’t really matter. The soundtrack was a lot better. There were a lot of tracks I really liked, such as Bertrands theme, as well as a number of tracks on the evil side.

A reasonable improvement game play wise though overall very similar and a solid continuation and conclusion to the story that began in the first inFamous.




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