Trinity Seven


Arata’s entire life is completely wiped away by magic, with his last memory of it including his childhood friend Hijiri disappearing before him. Now being in a situation having no where to go and no sense of purpose, he chooses to become a magician in order to save Hijiri, and hence attends Royal Biblia Academy, a school for magicians. There he discovers that he’s a demon lord candidate, a magician with powerful enough magic to become a demon king eventually. Furthermore, he has the grimoire Astil Manuscript, which makes developing as a magician much easier for him. Still, saving Hijiri isn’t a simple task, but the headmaster says that if he gains the help of the Trinity Seven, the top magicians at the academy in each of the seven branches of magic, it may be possible.


Trinity Seven appears to be plot focused, and does have a plot with some depth, but as far as it progressed during the anime, the plot doesn’t really gets expanded on that much until we begin approaching the ending, and is overall just decent. The world itself is described to some degree, but not in a very consistent way with fleshed out systems, rather things just seem to happen without any reasonable explanation for why, or if there is one its wrapped behind so many layers of convolution that it doesn’t really seem for there to be any intent to have the world or the magic systems understood by the viewer. Furthermore, despite there being a lot of serious moments, it never quite seems to have the intensity it should, and feels pretty lighthearted throughout.

However, where the anime does do well is it’s characters. Now, the plot around the characters themselves was actually a bit weak too. We don’t really get any background or motivation for most of them. But they’re still a very interesting set of characters. Arata is overtly heroic and kind like the majority of similar protagonists, but beyond that he actually seems to have desires and is true to them, and acknowledges the importance of being competent. His grimoire too is interesting in that she’s very casual and playful about most situation and actually goes along with what Arata wants incredibly well. The headmaster is supposedly overpowered, but is a trickster that hides his powers for the most part, pretending to be a good for nothing, and letting his students handle what they can. And then of course, there’s the Trinity Seven. Lilith is a teacher despite being the same age as the rest, and is incredibly straight laced and easy to tease, which leads to interesting dynamics with the others, especially as she does her best to care for all the rest of them, especially Arata as she was the one that brought him to the Academy. Arin doesn’t quite seem to be able to show emotion or care what others think of her, but still does her best to develop friendships with the others, and seems to consider herself Arata’s wife for some reason. Levi is a ninja in terms of powers, confidence, and personality, spreading mischief and going along with Arata’s personality quirks, but caring a good amount for all of them nevertheless. Yui has sleep based magic, in that she has an ideal form in her dreams and a real form, and is a loner for the most part, but seems to have a thing for Arata. Mira isn’t very sociable either, and opposes impurity strongly, which Arata is in some ways the embodiment of, but she seems to warm up to Arata’s other aspects eventually. Akio is always smug and seems to go with the flow on everything. Liese is an evil witch, and seems to embody that in a many ways, such as her way of handling herself and her desire for easily gaining power, but she still loves her sister Serina and still has ties to the rest of the characters. It is a very diverse cast, that all play together very well, have a great set of designs, and are just overall very interesting, even when the plot is somewhat lacking, and are hence the core of the anime.

The art and animation were good. The PG-13 rating was a pretty major waste. The OP was decent, though most of the EDs weren’t all that great. The soundtrack was good. The comedy was solid.

An anime with a somewhat decent plot that is quite enjoyable purely due to the strong set of characters.




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