inFamous: Festival of Blood


Zeke is sitting at a bar reading a comic about vampires when a woman sits next to him. He immediately begins to hit on her. This entails telling her a story about the time his best friend Cole got bit by a vampire and had until sunrise to kill Bloody Mary or he would become her undead slave forever.


As far as the story goes, that’s pretty much it. There’s some background about where Bloody Mary came from and how to kill her, but really, that’s it. Also, I’m not sure how this could possibly be canon from any timeline. Not just the story Zeke tells. I always assumed that was an extended complete nonsense pickup line. But him being able to tell the story as he does doesn’t make sense in any timeline either. So overall, the story really doesn’t matter at all. It was reasonably entertaining though. Bloody Mary has a very strong type of dark humor. And of course there’s good old Zeke being Zeke. The style and atmosphere were interesting enough as well. So for a short flick I suppose it was decent.

The game play felt really half-assed though. There’s one new power that lets you fly around and it was actually pretty awesome. Made the collectathon a lot more fun. Other than that, it plays exactly like inFamous 2, which is pretty damn good, but with far fewer powers. The way you gain powers is also a major step back from the XP system in my opinion, where now instead you get them by completing specific challenges. But the result of that is that most powers are impossible to obtain, such as all of the ice/fire powers, and you have no idea what you can get or what you’re making progress towards until you get somewhat close to them and then it tells you. The world itself was a lot more empty. It takes place in the first area in New Marais with one additional location of the catacombs, so it isn’t really anywhere new and unique, though it did get a Pyre Night makeover which adds a bit of flair. There are a couple collectathons but other than there’s only the story missions. The enemies are all new, and they are a bit different from the ones in inFamous 2 due to how they teleport around, reminding me somewhat of some of the enemies in the first inFamous. Thanks to the game being short they don’t get old, but overall the game still felt tremendously easy even on hard.

Ultimately it has a different style but its still very similar to inFamous 2 with some twists, some good, some weak, and overall pretty good but still a step back.



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