Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin


Yama Juugo gets kicked out of his home by his father, so he sets off to Nanae Island, an island designed to allow young people to achieve their dreams. He doesn’t have much money, so he ends up getting a really cheap apartment, but ends up discovering that there’s a girl named Nanana already in it, who turns out to already be dead and haunting the room. Still, shes a pretty nice and interesting person that’s easy enough to deal with as long as you let her play her games and buy her pudding. But Juugo is still somewhat interested in helping her move on, which leads him to begin the quest to find who murdered her many years ago and led her to haunt the room. And this quest necessitates him finding Nanana’s Buried Treasure.

Nanana’s Buried Treasure is a large number of unrelated magical items with varying powers and abilities that were collected and hidden by Nanana when the island was being built. Using these super natural powers would be the simplest means of finding who killed her. But Nanana isn’t giving Juugo any hints, as that wouldn’t be fair. After all, there are many others that are looking for the treasures as well and Juugo meets many of them on his journey. Tensai is girl claiming to be a master detective, and who contrary to appearances is actually incredibly smart. She is assisted by her trap maid Daruku. Then there’s the adventure club of his school, who’s entire purpose is to find Nanana’s Treasure. Led by the cold calculating Isshin alongside the hot headed vice president Yuu as well as including the ninja like Kagetora, they make a competent team, so both Juugo and Tensai decide to join, though ultimately they aren’t all that loyal to each other. Juugo also seems to have some history with a gang of thieves known as Matsuri, especially the elegant Yukihime and her partner “100 faces” Shuu, who he also ends up getting into conflict with. And lastly, there’s Hiiyo, an ex-member of the adventure club who’s one of the most competent at using Nanana’s Treasures, and is ruthless in his pursuit of them, and ultimately acts as the greatest threat Juugo has to face.


This anime has several things going for it, but it also botches a lot of things up. The largest thing it has going for it is the characters. There isn’t a tremendous variety of characters and many of them are pretty flat, but they’re all likable enough, though the females definitely more so, with Nanana, Tensai, and Yukihime all being pretty great. Juugo seems like he’s a pretty interesting character as well, though he never quite seems to get a chance to shine, or when he seemingly does, it just isn’t portrayed all that well. Story wise the portions that were character driven, such as Juugo and Yukihime resolving their conflict was very well done and incredibly interesting. The conflict with Juugo deciding how he wants to proceed with Nanana was also one of the best portions of the show. However, the overarching plot really didn’t pick up much steam. Though there were hints that lead up to a cliffhanger ending, ultimately that felt more like a tease and overall it was barely adequate. The mysteries and puzzles surrounding each of the treasures all felt pretty weak as well, and none of them felt all that exciting or amazing compared to most other puzzle or game focus anime.

The art and animation were decent. The soundtrack, OP, and ED were decent. The comedy was decent. The action was decent. It was all around pretty decent.

Interesting characters with some great moments but a plot that doesn’t really go anywhere and weak puzzles/games.



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