Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de


One day the literature club of a certain school was hanging out in their club room, when suddenly for inexplicable reasons, all of them gained super powers. These members are: Andou Jurai is a chuuni that contrary to how he usually acts is surprisingly mature on the inside. He gained the power to summon a flame called ‘Dark and Dark’, that’s pretty much completely useless. Kanzaki Tomoyo is an ex-chuuni that’s trying to get away from her past, but still wants to become a light novel author. Her power is called ‘Closed Clock’ and lets her manipulate time. Kushikawa Hatoko is Andou’s childhood friend and is incredibly kind, but feels at awkward and somewhat insecure at not being able to understand the chuuni part of Andou at all. Her power, ‘Over Element’ lets her control all five elements: fire, water, earth, wind, light. Takanashi Sayumi is a very well mannered, refined woman that excels in everything and was planning on becoming an incredibly strict student council president, but other things came up. She can use ‘Root of Origin’ to return anything to its original state, which is primarily used for healing and repairing. Himeki Chifuyu is an elementary schooler who is the niece of the club adviser, and spends a lot of time with the literature club, especially after gaining powers. She has the power of ‘World Create’, which lets her create anything she can imagine. They all receive their powers… and then nothing happens. Six months later, they’ve pretty much gone back to their normal lives. There seem to be things going on in the background such as a fairy war, but it rarely intersects with them, and hence they focus on working towards their every day life goals, which their powers aren’t all that useful with.


Whats interesting about this anime is while having powers does play an important part, its much more concerned with everyday life. Now one would think that having powers would be life changing, but really, unless you want to completely change the world, even with powers there isn’t much you can do while keeping your powers hidden. Hence the focus of the anime is the everyday lives of the members of the literature club. Now its not like the powers are completely irrelevant here, as they do come up from time to time, and more importantly they serve the role of being something that ties them together and an impetus for character and relationship development that’s pretty different from a standard romcom. As for the characters themselves, they are somewhat generic. However, the character set is acceptably diverse, and while they do fall into tropes, most do have flare ups of originality that make them especially charming. The strongest example would be Andou, who was interesting because while he acts the most immature openly and is constantly berated for it as well as constantly making mistakes and also having a pretty useless power, thus falling heavily into the standard loser protagonist trope, he also seems have a side to him that’s the most mature, and while he’s not necessarily amazing in anything, he can keep a calm head and pull things off, the contrast of which is very interesting. Furthermore, I feel that all of them are incredibly interesting due to how well they are done, and I feel a core aspect of that is how intense things can suddenly get out of nowhere. The way things progress so far is in having slight build ups in terms of character development that unpredictably explode into scenes that are very removed from the style of the rest of the show, which may sound a bit awkward but the way it was handled I thought was great and definitely left a number of very memorable moments. It also helps the pacing, in that it allows the lighter portions to just be light and use the heavier moments without holding back. There is a back ground story with a Fairy War and various factions, and this does end up touching the main characters at numerous points. However, they never really realize whats actually going on, and are more going with the flow than really being a part of the this story, though it certainly is being set up for them to play a more active part eventually.

The art and art style were decent. The soundtrack, OP, and ED were decent. The comedy was pretty good. The action was decent but very limited.

An anime about characters with powers living their everyday lives that has great characters and surprisingly intense moments.




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