Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda


Jimon Asuta runs away from home due to being fed up with his father. With nowhere to go, he ends up in an unfortunate situation when Tokyo goes into martial law. He runs into a little girl named Hoshimiya Kate going around on a tricycle searching for her lost stuffed animal. She declares that she is going to take over the world, and that he’ll be her underling, with code name Dva, and gives him a mask. They search for her stuffed animal though they end up getting split up, after which Asuta sees a giant monster being attacked by the military, and ends up getting caught in the fray. The monster is defeated, but Asuta ends up in the sights of the military. Suddenly a number of sketchy figures pop out and defeat them, including Kate, who turns out not to have been joking, and to have really been Vernera, the leader of the secret society Zvezda, dedicated to conquering the world. And Asuta ends up getting stuck with them, although as a low ranking lackey.

Zvezda, while led by Kate, also has a number of other leaders. Shikabane Gorou AKA Pepel Shogun is an ex Yakuza, who is an explosive user as well as a major fan of sweets. Morozumi Yasubee AKA Odin was one of Gorou’s underlings and decided to follow him, although he’s only a low ranking soldier that is largely incompetent and not incredibly loyal. Itsuka Shikabane AKA Plamya is a swords-woman who’s personality changes when she’s not wearing her eye patch.  Natalia Vasylchenko AKA Natasha is a girl from Ukraine that has been a prodigy with technology from a young age, but somehow ended up in Japan and then getting saved by following Kate. Roboko Tsujii is a powerful udo eating robot that joined Zvezda after meeting Natalia, and who usually acts like a high school girl. Asuta has to deal with all of them in Zvezda, while fighting the counter secret organization White Light, and dealing with normal student problems, such as getting closer to his friend Renge, avoiding his child hood friend Miki, and dealing with his father, though the two worlds are a lot closer than he thought.


Zvezda is overall a comedy. In terms of plot, the majority of it is slow trickle that serves as a set up to the finale where things get pretty intense, relatively speaking as its still pretty lighthearted overall. However, that doesn’t change how the plot for the most part is incredibly random, and chooses to forgo a lot of explanation for why or how things are occurring. The world is actually incredibly different from the real world, though they don’t bother to explain in what ways until it comes up in the actual plot, which makes these plot developments somewhat awkward. There are also a number of mechanics that are alluded to in a round about or off hand fashion and then for the most part ignored. The plot is more so going with the flow based on it’s characters than actually following a solid story. Still, it was definitely unique and pretty well done, which made it reasonably interesting. The characters were all very interesting though. There wasn’t much depth there either, but there was a variety of interesting characters that were all pretty unique and different from the standard tropes. However, character relationships were also seemingly random, with development or backstory randomly popping up. Still, it worked out somehow. As the plot was somewhat lacking, the comedy was very important, and while it wasn’t amazingly funny, it was pretty good in that regard. Ultimately, I found Zvezda very strange. It is lacking in a tremendous amount of ways, but in the end, I still found it a lot of fun and managed to enjoy it, and ultimately I think that’s what it should be judged on.

The art had a good though standard style and animation was solid. The soundtrack was decent. The OP was good. The ED had a good song but I’m not a fan of the art. The OVA was a decent extension, though it didn’t add much.

An anime that appears to be plot focused despite heavily lacking in that department, but still manages to overall be fun to watch.


There was also a nice set up for sequel we’ll never get. We only get to see Kaori’s new costume like once.


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