Seikoku no Dragonar


Ash Blake is a student at Ansarivan Dragonar Academy, a school for those that have been chosen and branded as future dragon masters. As such, the majority of them have already had their dragon partners, also known as pals, appear. However, Ash is way behind the curve on this, in that he’s entering the first year of what’s supposed to be the final phase of his education, but his dragon is still sleeping inside him. This changes one day when completely randomly, as is often the case, his pal magically appears before him, but it turns out to not be a dragon, or at least not a normal dragon, or rather a haughty pink haired girl who takes the name Eco.

This is incredibly unusual, and this draws the interests of various entities, which gets Ash involved in various things. While Eco doesn’t seem to have much combat ability at all, she still has the high level Dragon ability to assemble and create Archs for her partner, which are essentially magical sets of armor that greatly enhance their abilities, and she’s not just able to do it, but rather she’s exceptionally good at it. With the Archs she creates, Ash becomes the well renowned Silver Knight, which further pulls him into various events. He ends up joining the student council led by Rebecca Randell, an incredibly powerful and dedicated President. It also includes: Princess Silvia Lautreamont, who does her best to act worthy of her title but has to deal with insecurity, especially when dealing with her aggressive and tyrannical but incredibly powerful sister Veronica; Jessica Valentine, who isn’t actually a noble but pretends to be one, and is obsessed with marrying the Silver Knight as he seems to be on track for obtaining nobility; Lucca Saarinen, an elf that due to various circumstances is having major troubles with her dragon, but is incredibly powerful due to her abilities to perform the Dragon Dance. Ash ends up getting involved with all of them as well as other issues, which leads him to getting involved with a number of conflicts, most primarily centered around a masked man named Milgauss and  his abilities to raise undead dragons, and which ultimately escalate to major events teetering on conflicts between nations, all the while having to deal with how handle his unusual new pal Eco.


Dragonar is incredibly generic, by which I mean it’s very by the book. Characters all fit very neatly into various tropes and behave exactly as you’d expect and the plot has very predictable twists and turns. However, while not really that original at all, it’s a solid take on what’s been done before and hence I enjoyed it a good deal. The combat isn’t all that deep, but interesting enough due to how Ash uses different Archs, and pretty flashy due to the different types of dragons and magic involved. The humor is decent and does a good job of keeping the tone light. In terms of plot, each of the arcs do a good job of being different enough from the previous to keep things relatively interesting, and do well to keep things character focused, as the characters are for the most part all pretty interesting and enjoyable to watch if you don’t particularly mind them being a bit flat. The larger conflict ultimately doesn’t have that much depth, ultimately coming down to a conflict with a great evil, but there are hints of something more interesting leading up to that in terms of political conflicts, however they mostly seem to get brushed aside at the end. In terms of substance there isn’t really anything exceptional or that stands out as memorable, but while it doesn’t have any peaks it doesn’t have any troughs either, staying pretty solid throughout.

The art was pretty standard but it was very high quality. The designs and animation were also pretty good so overall I thought it looked great and had a lot of great scenes. The soundtrack was also very good, especially the main battle track. The OP was good though I didn’t really like the ED much.

A lighthearted action based superficial romcom that isn’t deep or original, but does a good job of doing well at what it is.


Also I was surprised to find out that the novels were being officially translated and were actually pretty far along. Nice!


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