Walkure Romanze


Takahiro Mizuno, a Japanese exchange student, was originally a knight in training and one of the best at Winford Academy, a school dedicated to training the best jousters in the world. However, he failed horribly in a match, suffering a terrible injury in the process, and was no longer able to continue down the path of being a knight. He continued on at Winford Academy while working in the stables.

However, because he was such a talented knight, this instantly resulted in a number of others asking him to be their partner as a squire. This included: Celia, the highly admired student council president and the winner of the jousting tournaments of the past couple years; Noel,  a girl who’s fighting for the sake of her injured sister and thus vows to never lose;  Akane, a fellow Japanese transfer student who has a ridiculous admiration for Celia; Lisa, a girl that doesn’t really trust anyone much enough to consider them her friend. Takahiro isn’t willing to give an answer to be anyone’s squire at the time however.

Things change when his close friend Mio ends up accidentally insulting the high class and arrogant Bertille who ends up challenging her to a duel. Mio however isn’t in training to be a knight, and has absolutely no experience with jousting. Takahiro hence takes it upon himself to temporarily be her squire and train her. Mio does remarkably well despite being new to it, and hence chooses to continue along that path and take part in the upcoming tournament.


Walkzure romance is essentially a sports anime with a bit of slice of life thrown in. It features ‘knights’, but that really only means people that joust. The slice of life side is terribly dull. The characters all have potential and nice designs, though a bit cliche, though that only really comes through in the last three episodes. However, while it does a somewhat decent side of introducing and developing some aspects of the characters backgrounds, it does it so slowly and with such low value in aspects like comedy or action that it’s a slog to get through. Part of the reason for all this is that the main character, Takahiro, is pointless, and his background is an underdeveloped mess. Furthermore, the plot points solely related to him, the horse giving birth events, was completely random and a distraction from parts that were actually decent. He was a drag throughout that made everything feel slower as he simply could not choose a knight to be squire for. This was especially prominent in scenes that felt that they were completely copied from the VN decision points, and set up for a decision, but with no decisions being made, which felt pointless and a lot like a missing payoff, except for the ending which was amusing. A different structure more similar to Freezing, or him just being a mentor for all of them would be more interesting and less annoying in developing the slice of life aspects.

The sports focused side on the other hand was pretty good. It features prominently in the beginning and ending features and hence those are the best parts of the anime. The last three episodes especially are especially interesting because it isn’t obvious at all what the outcomes of the various matches are going to be. The benefit of the main character essentially being completely irrelevant, is that the matches are between the other characters that have been introduced and are developed well. However, this aspect too had issues, primarily in that the battle system was far too simplistic and random with more depth needed. The finale was also a lot weaker than a finale should be, though the ending overall was handled pretty well.

The animation and art were decent. The soundtrack was actually pretty good and much better than I was expecting. Both the OP and ED were pretty weak.

Potential and some great highlight but way too many issues.




One thought on “Walkure Romanze

  1. Pretty good review :D. I put this on my watch list but never seemed to have gotten around to watching it. Keep up the posts!!!.

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