Wade Wilson is ex-special forces and now a mercenary for whom life is going pretty well considering he’s found a perfect match in Vanessa and their relationship is going great. This is until he discovers he has cancer. With no other way out of it, Wade ends up accepting a strange invitation to be part of an experiment that could save him and give him super powers. Only, it turns out that it’s a lot less pleasant than it seems. A man who hates his name, Francis, ends up saving him, but also turning him into a disfigured monster. Hence, Wade dons the costume of Deadpool and goes after the only guy that can supposedly turn him back into his normal self so that he can go back to his girl. Oh, and a couple X-Men come up at times too.


As is evident in the R-rating, Deadpool is a very different kind of Superhero movie, if you can even call it that. It is ridiculously crude and engorges itself in over the top violence, but it’s also self aware and self parodying as well as breaking the fourth wall so the end result of all this is an incredible amount of hilarity, some pretty good action pieces, and an amazing sense of style, which is exactly what everyone loves about his comic runs. There were a lot of incredibly unique and interesting shots. The music was also top notch and fit perfectly. Now there really isn’t much to the incredibly predictable plot or character development or anything resembling depth or substance on that front, but that never really stops the movie from being enjoyable until the ending where at points it feels as if the same jokes and story points had been repeated a bit too often and ultimately isn’t really as epic a conclusion as one would expect.

A very different superhero movie that gets major points for uniqueness, though lacking in a number of other areas.



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