Hotel Transylvania 2


The vampire Mavis (daughter of the infamous Dracula) and the human Jonathan (who just happened to stumble upon Hotel Transylvania, Dracula’s hotel for monsters of all shapes and forms) after a bunch of events and random encounters fell in love and decided to get married. They have a wedding, decide to continue living at the hotel, and a couple years later have a boy named Dennis, or as Dracula likes to call him, Dennisovich. Being as its a union between vampire and human, they don’t know what to expect. But as they approach Dennis’s 5th birthday, it seems incredibly likely that he’s just human. At this point, Mavis starts considering whether the hotel is a good place to raise a normal human boy and strongly contemplates leaving. Now, neither Dracula nor Jonathan want to leave, so they hatch a plan. Jonathan will distract Mavis by taking her to see the human world, while Dracula will take care of Dennis, and secretly show him what being a monster is truly about to awaken the fangs within him. Only, things are very different than they were several hundred years ago when Drac was a kid, and what even qualifies being a monster is up for debate.


This is a solid movie in it’s own right, though it is incredibly similar to the prequel. The theme about ‘everyone being different doesn’t mean they can’t get along’ is the focus again and an overused theme, but it’s used well in this without being pushed too hard and it works within the overall incredibly simplistic story for a decent plot, and one that I’d say is marginally better than the previous one. The new major plot point of there being a kid is different enough that it allows the comedy to be very different and still incredibly humorous while still keeping the great style and atmosphere from the previous film. Though one issue I had was how the ending seemed to retread on the previous film too much in a rushed manner that felt a bit off and repetitive. The music was also great and fit in to the comedic style very well. The animation and art were also incredibly solid.

Very similar to it’s predecessor, but still incredibly solid in comedy and style.



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