Grisaia no Kajitsu


Yuuji Kazami would describe his job as being someone that removes filth from the world, and in a way that’s true, though the catch to that statement is that he does this as a sniper. Due to various circumstances revolving around his family, he was taken in by a master who taught him various tricks, and he ended up living a very interesting but strange life. However, he very strongly wished to be able to live a normal life, at least for a bit, and was hence given permission to transfer to Mihama Academy.

He realized that this wasn’t exactly what he wanted, as Mihama Academy is a very unique school, but he made due. Before Yuuji, the only students were 5 girls. But what was more interesting, was that each of these five girls had come to the school due to excruciating circumstances that made it difficult for them to live outside of it, among other people. There is a a girl named Michiru, who did her best to act like a Tsundere and make other people laugh, but had a problem with having to deal with another personality inside her. Yumiko is the daughter of the CEO of a major corporation who had originally been abandoned, but after certain events after she became the heiress was being carefully controlled, to the point that she felt she was trapped in a cage. Sachi is a girl who often dresses up as a maid, and who does her best to be a ‘good girl’, which in her mind involves doing absolutely everything asked of her, despite how extreme. There’s also Makina, who seems to act like a marine, being brutish and constantly cursing, but is the daughter of a very powerful politician, but one who cares little for her beyond her value in family politics. And lastly Amane is a girl who acts incredibly cheerful and claims she fell in love with Yuuji at first sight, but faced a tremendous trauma years ago she’s still struggling to get over.

It’s nothing like what he expected a normal school life to be like, but Yuuji deals with all of these girls and their problems head on, and manages to find what he was really wanted anyway.


Grisaia no Kajitsu is a moderately good adaption of a VN in that it definitely feels like a VN adaptation in terms of structure, but that doesn’t seem like much of a determent, other than there being a feeling that there is still more to it than is being shown. Some things come across very well. All of the characters are adequately shown as unique with the parts that make them interesting being the key focus of the entire anime. And while the story is structured as separate routes that it goes through one by one, the story overall is greater than the sum of each individual route. However, it never really seems to go into the majority of these routes, rather it just touches upon the vast majority of them very lightly. The parts it chooses to highlight work well, however, there is still a tremendously strong feeling of everything being rushed, with no aspect really feeling like any of the routes were truly fleshed out. On one hand, it may have been better to just focus on one route, though I can understand why that would annoy much of the fan base, as there’s not quite any route that should automatically be chosen for such, as every character and every route is interesting and I’m sure each has their own fanbase. Still, there was a special focus given to Amane’s route, though mostly in terms of the flashback, which I think worked out great as it was the most interesting route by far and was fleshed out very well, and closed the anime off on a high note. I would also like to note that I really liked the tone, in that it has some incredibly dark aspects, rather I would say the majority of the plot is pretty dark if you think about, but it still doesn’t feel too dark, but rather something that fits the plot very well.

The action was a bit lacking for the most part. The comedy was pretty good though. The art style I felt was great and true to the VN. As for the animation and art quality, I wasn’t sure at first whether it was truly high production values or I was being tricked by the movie like aspect ratio and abundance of lens flare and similar effects, and to be honest I’m still not sure, but at the end of the day its the feeling that you get, the effect it has on your enjoyment that matters, and to that end I would give it top marks. The music too was great, both the soundtrack and OP/ED. The specials were quite interesting.

An interesting blend of action and romance with a number of interesting stories that are rushed through, but are still incredibly solid.


Note that I have no read the VNs yet. I am planning on reading all of them at once after all of them are released.


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