Grisaia no Meikyuu: Caprice no Mayu 0


After the events of the previous series, Yuuji suddenly requests to be promoted within CIRS. This leads to a thorough background check by JB, that roughly involves going through the entirety of Yuuji’s life story: his relationship with his older sister and family, how things went terribly wrong, how he ended up being trained to be a monster, and how he was ultimately saved and joined up with CIRS.


Rather than its predecessor, this special doesn’t try to cram in the events of an entire VN. Rather, doing so would be impossible considering it’s less than an hour long. Rather, it chooses to focus on only a very specific aspect, and try to do it’s best along those lines. Now it still feels slightly rushed, but in comparison to it’s predecessor it’s much better fleshed out. The feeling is more of being fast paced than skipping or not spending enough time on important elements.

While this is technically a sequel, it’s primarily a flashback of what came before Fruit, and does considerably to help fill in the gaps from Fruit on why Yuuji is the way he is. This is told in a single narrative, rather than being broken up into half told pieces as the majority were in Fruit of Grisaia, which results in Yuuji finally being developed as well as a major character should be.

While the first series was somewhat dark at points, it it was mostly pretty light and had a good amount of comedy. Labyrinth on the other hand has almost no comedic moments and is as dark all the way through as the darkest parts of Fruit. This results in an atmosphere that works much better for the short special that it is, though one that I probably wouldn’t appreciate as much for a longer series. It also has more worthwhile action that I also think was better animated. The art and music are still as great as in the previous series.

An intense and well paced Grisaia entry that fills in a considerable amount of backstory and sets up a sequel incredibly well in a short amount of time.



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