Grisaia no Rakuen


Yuuji Kazami continues his interview with JB for a promotion with CIRS, next going over what happened after he was picked up by his master Asako, how she slowly healed him, and how he eventually ended up following after her, first joining the military, and then taking her place in CIRS. Meanwhile, the girls in Mihama continue reading records that Yuuji had attempted to destroy but Sachi had put back together that detail his life story to them as well.

This ends up incredibly important, because upon leaving JB he’s immediately assigned a mission where he is to take out a terrorist, who turns out to be Heath Oslo, triggering his memories of everything that happened in the past, resulting in a failure to complete the mission, and being taken into custody by CIRS, who plan to use him as a bargaining chip with Oslo. The girls at Mihama learn that this is occurring and set off to save him, though they have little to go on until a mysterious entity calling herself Thanatos calls them and tells them that she has a plan to save him, that would involve all of them.


Eden continues Grisaia after Labyrinth, picking up right where Labyrinth left off as well as continuing in terms of themes and story at a larger scale, rather than being similar to the somewhat disjoint plot in Fruit. There are three segments. The first is Yuuji’s flashback. This is action packed and full of character building for Yuuji as well as introducing and developing a number of other characters that become important later on. It’s darker than most of the arcs of Eden, though not as dark as Labyrinth, with a lot more heavily light hearted moments. Next is an arc featuring the girls of Mihama enacting a complex plan with the help of Thanatos to save Yuuji. This has a good amount of character building for the rest of the girls, but more importantly than that, it essentially adds the girls to the world that Yuuji belongs to. There is a disconnect between them and Yuuji in Fruit, where while certainly having a good amount of relationship development between them, there was a bit of an awkward feel due to how little both the girls and the audience knew about Yuuji. With both fully understanding Yuuji’s past and the girls being part of the plot surrounding that, things seem to flow much better and allows the relationships and character development that began in Fruit and the previous arcs of Eden to fully establish. The third part is Yuuji fully confronting his past. This has the most action, and brings things to a fantastic close that ties up most of the overhanging threads to a very satisfying degree. It gives the main character a situation that is very common and heavily cliche at the end of such anime where the romance key component is left unresolved, but it also attempts to establish why that’s justified, and does a reasonable good job at doing so. All in all, despite being slightly shorter than the average one cour anime, it is highly diverse but flows incredibly well, being fast paced but not feeling rushed and bringing things to a great close. It would also like to point out how his sister was amazing, with that hilarous ending being a great point to end at.

The animation and art are still high quality, and I’m calling them as such now definitively. The soundtrack is also fantastic, including one of the best rendition of ants go marching ever. The OP/ED are great. The comedy is on point. The action is fantastic and more intense than before in the series. The specials were funny, with the music at the end being incredibly fitting.

Eden brings all of the elements of the previous Grisaia entries together for a fantastic conclusion.


Amane was best girl.

Also, I’m definitely planning on going through the visual novels once all of them are out.


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