Kung Fu Panda 3


Master Shifu announced his retirement from being the teacher of Po and the Furious Five so that he may work towards learning the secrets of using Chi, and passes on the position to Po, who is awful at it. Meanwhile, Po is also dealing with the fact that his father, who he had been separated from when he was only a baby, had since been searching for him and had finally found him, somewhat to the annoyance of his step father.  Disaster strikes when an enemy of Grandmaster Oogway, Kai, returns after 500 years from the spirit world wielding powerful Chi techniques, ones that only another master of Chi can counter, none of which exist at the Jade Temple. However, Po’s father claims that he can teach Po how to become one with oneself to unlock the Chi powers within, and hence begins Po’s journey to the secret Panda Village to learn the ways of the Panda.


One thing I love about Dreamworks is that they do a really good job with sequels, with most sequels being being just as good or better than their predecessors. Kung Fu Panda 3 is an example of this, being just as good as the previous ones. It has many similar themes, Po learning that he and others are who they are and they need to be true to themselves, that people are capable of more than is immediately obvious, the strength of the bonds of family and friendship, etc. that are expected as well as a pretty predictable plot overall, but it fits and is done well. Furthermore there is solid action and comedy. All of this is shown in a fantastic art style with great animation as well as great audio and music.

About what you would expect from a Kung Fu Panda sequel, but a really good one.


Also, two of the scenes seemed really similar to spirit bomb and Kamehameha.


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