Yuuta’s class are going on a class trip, when suddenly their bus gets hijacked. A superhero named Strange Juice comes out of nowhere and fights the villains, but suddenly crazy shenanigans with Yuuta ensue and somehow his soul gets separated from his body. He finds himself back in his dorm room as an unseeable ghost and with someone else seemingly using his body, who has used charms to seal him out of his own room. He is explained to by a ghost cat named Chiranosuke, that to get his soul back into his body he has to find a book that’s hidden somewhere in the dorm. And hence he quests invisibly through the dorm looking for the book, uncovering various facts and secrets about everyone else in the dorm in the process. The oldest person in the dorm and the dorm mother in a sense is Rabura, who comes from a long line of spirit mediums, but apparently is terrible at it and spends most her time drinking and complaining about men. There’s also Meika, who is a genius and strong headed girl, but is also a robot. With her genius abilities, she helps out Mikatan, who is secretly the aforementioned superhero Strange Juice. Lastly there is Ito, who is a NEET due to various difficulties she faced at school. Yuuta ends up wandering around looking for the book, and seeing as he’s invisible he manages to see a lot of ‘interesting’ situations involving the other dorm members. Also, there’s another issue in that for some reason, if he gets too excited, it seems that a meteor crashes into the Earth and kills everyone on it. This makes searching for the book quite difficult. Furthermore, the villains encountered in the bus when all of this began don’t seem to be gone either, being tied to some complex plan involving the past of various people at the dorm, the end of the world, and the next phase of human evolution.


Punchline is an anime that went in a direction that was very different from what I expected. It starts off completely and utterly bizarre and makes little sense, and though it still ends completely and utterly bizarre it ends up making a lot more sense than I thought it would, and overall it actually has a pretty good plot. The characters and their stories and the development of their relationship is actually all quite interesting, and there were a bunch of twists I didn’t expect, which despite the strange plot structuring still feels like its paced well overall. It has a bittersweet ending though, which I wasn’t a fan of. It seemed to be hinting at going in another direction which I thought was a solid ending, but then went in another that I didn’t like at all, which greatly annoyed me. Still, overall, the plot is solid and the characters are great.

The comedic aspect is also solid, which is certainly very focused in a certain direction most of the time, and absurdist for a lot as well, but overall I greatly enjoyed the humor. The art and animation are good, in a bright and dynamic way. The OP/ED were decent and definitely fitting, and the soundtrack was also decent.

An absurdly comedic anime that ends up having a pretty strong plot and characters.



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